DON’T GET ME STARTED suggests “analyst” Mike Milbury apply this written quote to himself:  “Man Stands Amazed to see his own deformity in every other creature…….but himself.

It’s evident by his comments when NBC does a Sabres game that he has some kind of a grudge against Pat LaFontaine and, perhaps the Sabres – which has been documented in published articles.  It dates back to the days when LaFontaine was an unpaid advisor to the owner of the New York Islanders many years ago.

Milbury was on the Islanders board when Patty was instrumental in the hiring of Coach Ted Nolan who led the Isles to a playoff berth.

When LaFontaine decided to leave the New York Islanders, Milbury was quoted, “Pat ran for the hills.  Pat ran for cover.  It was cowardly, and it was terrible.  And if Charles (Wang) was ticked, I wouldn’t blame him in the least”

Cowardly?  Pat LaFontaine?

When the Sabres played the Dallas Stars in an NBC game a week or so ago, former interim coach Ted Nolan was also getting ripped by Milbury in an intermission that was also shown in published articles.  Some of his quotes were, “Nolan knows nothing about the power play or penalty kill and he completely relies on his coaches to manage those roles”. Milbury added that bringing in Ted Nolan was a poor choice.

Poor choice?  Hey Milbury, did you ever become NHL coach-of-the-year, like Nolan?

It’s evident to me that Milbury will take every shot he can muster against LaFontaine, Nolan and the Sabres.

I’ll take LaFontaine and Nolan any day over Milbury.  If this NBC yapper ever came to Buffalo and asked fans what they thought of Patty or Teddy – he might change his tune.  But based on what’s been said since the Islanders association, I doubt he’d ever say anything nice about LaFontaine and Nolan.

Maybe Milbury was jealous because some of the moves he made with that team really backfired and now he’s out of hockey and trying to be “an expert” as an analyst.  To me…he fails in that role as well.

Milbury doesn’t mention some of the moves he made when he was in the NHL As far as hockey is concerned, did not Milbury trade Zdano Chara and a first round pick (that turned out to be Jason Spezza) to Ottawa for Alexei Yashin?  Did not Milbury trade Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen to the Florida Panthers among many strange moves?  Let’s not even recall the drafting of goalie DiPietro.  It would take much writing to go over all the negatives about this guy but, as my friend Bob Koshinski would say, “Nuff said.”

It would take too much of my time to write so many of the Milbury moves that are documented on the web as I surfed the Milbury files, so I won’t detail all of them.

I’m surprised that NBC with a fine stable of sports announcer/journalists like Bob Costas, Dan Patrick and so many others puts together an NHL studio crew that leaves a lot to be desired on Don’t Get Me Started.

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