DON’T GET ME STARTED went to a UB basketball game, arriving a little early.  I then noticed the name of the school on the front of the workout togs and thought I went to the wrong game. 

On those jerseys players wore, “NEW YORK STATE UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO.” 

I recall having read something that the University was going to change but didn’t pay much attention.  After all, sports reported on radio and television; all the announcers and writers at the Buffalo News, it was all mostly U.B. or Bulls.  I can’t recall any of them referring to the team or school as “State University of New York at Buffalo” unless my eyes or ears have failed me.  I don’t ever recall reading or hearing SUNY when referring to the school. 

Whoever sanctioned this change should have thought twice.  For all too long it has been U.B. and no matter how hard the biggies at the school want to emphasize the “New York tag” it won’t be publicized as they would like. 

It has been; it is; and it will always be U.B. or University at Buffalo.  Let’s remember, selling Buffalo is the big point.  Selling New York is really selling the city of New York.  Anyone outside of the state, whenever hearing of New York, they think of the City. 

I wonder why AD Danny White or the school’s head honchos don’t try to convince the writers or the broadcasters to use the new branding.  It wouldn’t work because they have become too accustomed to UB; the Bulls; or University at Buffalo on Don’t Get Me Started.

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