DON’T GET ME STARTED on those questioners who pepper Bills head coach with one question after another.

Doug Marrone

Art Wander

Reading the Bills media session on, I scratched my noggins trying to figure out why the media didn’t have a quick follow up after his answers. For example:
Q: Is there a reason you went away from the running game on Sunday?
A: I just think that it goes back to the score. We were down two scores and the amount of possessions we have. Obviously, that’s not something that we’d like to do.
What was Marrone watching when the Bills took the opening kickoff in Houston last Sunday. I believe the Bills called 3 straight passes to open the game and went 3 and out. How in the world can Marrone answer the question on going away from the running game saying “It goes back to the score.”

Hey, coach. The score was 0-0. Too many times since training camp, the Bills coaching staff was telling fans they would focus on running the ball with two gifted rushers – Jackson and Spiller.

In reading the media sessions on, I cannot recall any of the media EVER asking him if he’s satisfied with the play calling. Of course, the way he protected EJ Manual until this week, he would probably protect his Syracuse buddy Nate Hackett. I sure would like to hear his answer to a question on the play calling of Hackett. Of course, the follow up to that would be, “Do you approve the game plan of Hackett?” If he answered yes, then he wouldn’t dance around the question on abandoning the running game right from the start and not when they were two scores down.

I could also question the need for so much rotation of players, “to give them equal time.” Graham has been outstanding in the first 3 games. Why rotate him and limit his playing time. Yes, he was beaten once but so has Revis of the Jets. So was Sherman of the Seahawks beaten a few times last week and these guys are considered to be the best in the NFL.

No – I don’t attend the media sessions, but somebody has to ask questions and follow up questions that can be posted on to see how Marrone answers them on Don’t Get Me Started.

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