DON’T GET ME STARTED was hoping that New York Jets owner Woody Johnson would ink former Bills coach Doug Marrone. The Bills would have a field day with Marrone coaching them. But, alas, after reading the New York Daily News, Marrone’s hope of staying in the NFL might be as a ticket-taker.


Art Wander

There was mention after Marrone left the Bills that he was thin-skinned and wasn’t enamored with the media. Those traits would be complimentary compared to what the NY Daily News printed and what one of his assistants at Syracuse revealed. CBS reported Monday that Marrone’s interview with the Jets didn’t go well last Saturday, failing to close the deal, and the Jets are looking elsewhere for a coach, including probable interview with former Bill Frank Reich.

The NY Daily News also wrote that the interview was only part of the bad news for Marrone. One of his former assistant coaches at Syracuse really ripped him publicly. Bob Casullo was with Marrone in 2009 at Syracuse and here are some of the radio (and later printed) words from Casullo on Marrone: “Self-centered, selfish, and greedy. You’re re-shuffling an egomaniac, less than .500 coach.” He was quoted as saying, “When he takes a job, he already has his plan in place for his next job.”

These reported revelations wonder what in the world were the Bills doing when they decided to make Marrone the coach of the Bills. Did they talk to any of his Syracuse assistants? Did they have any conversations with the Syracuse media? Did they talk to any of his former players?” Who knows?

One thing is clear, all teams looking for head coaches will probably be reading the New York Daily News; watching ESPN or any other network mentioning Marrone in the negative and certainly will delve further in the matter. It’s probably assumed that they will ask how he and his agent maneuvered the Bills Prez to include a $4 million guarantee if he should opt out of his contract…..which is what happened. What’s interesting is that Marrone (as reported) apparently did not impress at the Jets interview since he is still without a job.

Wouldn’t it be something if fans went to an NFL football game next season and heard, “Peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks, hot dogs,” turned around and there he was on Don’t Get Me Started.

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