DON’T GET ME STARTED startled me when he backed up his statement “We have a plan in place.”

That plan was realized only a couple of days after defensive coordinator Pettine bolted for the head job in Cleveland.  Former Lions head coach Schwartz was contacted and he quickly accepted the position of defensive coordinator.  Frankly it’s a good move.

Marrone brought in a guy that has a ton of years on the defensive side of the ball, some 8 years at Tennessee where he excelled in building a pretty good defense.  As a head coach, he didn’t make the grade at Detroit, but now he will be able to focus on one area – defense.

As far as I’m concerned, I have one little worry.  And that’s because Schwartz is a 4-3 guy while Pettine went 3-4 with great success……except for stopping the run.  It will be interesting to see what the defensive alignments will be considering how well the sack totals and interceptions kept the Bills in contention for ever so many games.

Oh well, I’m pleased that Marrone didn’t go to Syracuse and pluck another one of his buddies – as he did with my personal whipping guy…..Nate Hackett.  This will be another story since Marrone brought in a pretty successful quarterbacks coach (from the Detroit Lions) who has been credited with really helping QB Stafford succeed in Detroit.

It will be interesting how much tinkering will be done with the Bills in a coming season that many fans feel should have the Bills – finally – in contention for a playoff spot.

Let’s now focus on the front office to really do a great job in the draft and free agency on Don’t Get Me Started.

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