The latest Mario Williams saga concerning his sore foot demonstrates yet again that Mario Williams is all about Mario Williams. Whether it was the mysterious wrist injury last season, the messages to his ex-fiancé that indicated possible suicidal thoughts or the comments this past spring that new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine is using the word “kill” when instructing Bills how to run his defense which forced the team to do a quick “no he didn’t” response. On and on Williams brings negative attention to himself and it’s getting tiresome for everyone concerned.

Bills Coach Doug Marrone has been touted a no-nonsense guy, but he hardly had an answer on Monday for Williams situation. Marrone acted as if he was completely in the dark and said he didn’t even know what foot is bothering Williams. Like last season’s wrist injury Mario is handling this all on his own.

When a player leaves training camp two days in to have a “sore foot” examined it send off alarms to everyone who has ever been around the game. The Buffalo Bills have excellent surgeons and specialists on retainer, just ask Kevin Everett. To have an outside doctor examine an injury that has not been fully examined by team physicians is outside the norm and the Bills cannot be happy about it.

As I wrote earlier, Doug Marrone has been described as a no-nonsense guy who cut loose an player from his Syracuse roster who was not thinking “team” first. However this is the NFL and players make more money than Marrone does so his hands are tied when it comes to a player who the Bills opened the bank vault for last year. Marrone can only show his disdain for Mario’s actions by pleading ignorance to demonstrate that Williams is operating outside the team with his actions.

Anyone who focused in on Mario Williams last season play after play would see that he does not have an “active motor”. Williams takes plays off that do not come his way and has one move off the line and if that doesn’t work he will stand there with the offensive lineman and play hand games. At least four of Williams ten sacks last season were the result of other defenders chasing the quarterback into Williams’ arms as he stood there playing patty-cake with a lineman. For those who remember, how many of Bruce Smith’s sacks were the result of him standing still and letting the QB come to him? I’d wager less than four over his entire career.

Mario Williams was deemed expendable by the Houston Texans and my bet is the Bills will feel the same when his deal is up. As every coach who taught the game has said. “there’s no me in team.”

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