Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams has had his law suit against former fiance Erin Marzouki take a nasty turn. Williams is looking to get back his $750,000 engagement ring, but Friday Marzouki released a strange text from Williams, which sounds like he was contemplating suicide over his relationship issues with Marzouki.

“I took 3 hydrocodones this morning and no one knows,” Williams allegedly texted Marzouki. “I’m going to take 2 more on the plane and fade away.” He allegedly went on to text, “No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts.”

Marzouki responded, “You told me you’re having suicidal thoughts. Clearly me & you don’t need to talk after every mean thing you said to be, but I’m going to tell DD to call you or something BC you went above and beyond saying suicidal thoughts, taking pills. Someone that you trust needs to intervene.”

Marzouki’s attorney claims it was Williams unstable state that caused the breakup.


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