If you looked up adversity in the dictionary today you would see the Buffalo Bills photo. On offense they’re starting an undrafted rookie at QB and their star running back left town because of an unthinkable personal tragedy. Defensively they have lost probably their best overall player in cornerback Stephon Gilmore for eight weeks and the front four got tore up by the Redskins.

Rookie Coach Doug Marrone went from the penthouse to the outhouse in one week with the injuries his team is facing. Marrone must motivate a team that will probably have the youngest roster in the NFL come opening day and do it without their best players. The hand the Bills have been dealt includes a joker and no one is laughing.

The Bills have been very good at giving fans something to look forward to each off season and this year it was the hiring of Marrone and the drafting of EJ Manuel. Manuel will not be ready for the opener, barring a miracle, but he should return shortly after that so the season isn’t lost by a long shot. The question is how will the rest of the team be?

Spiller will return to the lineup for the opener, emotionally spent I’m sure, but the backfield will be whole. The wide receivers will be fast and quick, but will Tuel be able to find them?

Defensively the loss of Gilmore is huge. The Bills now have no lock down corner and a safety you missed most of camp. On top of that the front seven looked no better than last year’s team against the run and the front four was easily handled.

Two weeks ago I would have predicted the Bills come win 8 games. Today I wouldn’t put that number higher than 5. Now that’s today, should Tuel suddenly show something again against Detroit I might raise that a game.


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