DON’T GET ME STARTED doesn’t welcome the many opportunities criticizing offensive coordinator Nate Hackett. Yet, he continues to baffle many fans and here we go again.

There have been many times I’ve written about the problems on offense that even I’m getting tired of it.  But game in – game out – Hackett opens himself up to criticism. YET, very few (if any) are taking him to task.

Marrone and Pettine are OK in their positions but Hackett hasn’t proven that he can go from the college ranks into the NFL.  I’m not going to go through the list of Hackett’s game plans and play calling in so many games, mostly losses.  I’ve covered that before.

I am going to go to the last game in the ugly loss to Tampa.  It was a disaster in all phases.  That has to go on the shoulders of the head coach.  After all, he’s the one that ultimately approves the game plans of his coordinators.

In any event……here’s the one fault that Hackett employed against the Bucs.  Many fans are asking, “What happened to the offensive line?”  Good point.  But don’t put it all on them.

E.J. Manual was sacked 7 times.  How can a QB get pulled down that many times?  Here comes Hackett.  Unlike Manning, Brady and others, Hackett lines up Manuel 3 steps from the line of scrimmage.  That’s a much shorter distance for defenders to get on him, especially if the OL isn’t outworking itself.

You must assume that Manuel doesn’t see the receivers over the hulking linemen by taking only 3 steps.  What happened to the 5-step or 7-step drop, like Manning and Brady and others employ.  They are able to scan the field and do something that Manuel cannot do with his 3-step approach.  That Is STEP UP INTO THE POCKET.  There is no pocket to step into. Brady is famous for stepping into the pocket or sliding left or right.  He has a little room to o it.  Manuel is stuck. That has to be the fault of the game plan and play calling of Hackett.  I had a tough time from switching to the Lions/Eagles game that provided some excitement.

I wish that other media members would ask Marrone the one question that no one asks:  “Are you pleased with the offensive game plan and play calling of Nate Hackett.”  I would hope that he would be forthright in saying NO on Don’t Get Me Started.

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