Q: The team support that was behind the whole 10K chase, how did it feel to just feel so uplifted by them, and especially, always congratulations.

A: It was cool. It was fun. Just the guys, not only this week but the whole year. The linemen constantly tell me about it, “let’s get 10K, 10K chase.” There were times where I kind of forget about it, and they remind me. You know, they wanted it as bad as I did, maybe even more, and that shows you the type of team that we have. Even guys on the defense were bringing it up and talking about it. I’m happy it’s over, I’m happy it’s done. Now I can look forward to us trying to get in this playoff. We took care of business today and we got a huge opponent next week. 

Q: Are you glad you are at least able to enjoy it because you did get the win today. You know, this is a day you are going to look back on, are you going to remember you won the game too? Does that help?

A: Yeah that would’ve sucked if we loss. But the whole mindset today was let’s get the win, and let’s get 10K.

Q: What happen on the play where you got the record and then you were off the field for a play or two?

A: Yeah, I just lost my air. I got tackled on the ball. The few people who ever did it before they know, you like can’t breathe. So, I was gasping for air. That was it, it wasn’t that major.

Q: Did you know at that time that was…

A: No, I didn’t know. I wish I didn’t get it on that play. I would’ve gotten up and got some more yards, cause the next play [Travaris] Cadet had a run that was pretty good. You know, just wear and tear of the game.

Q: Can you walk us through your two scoring plays? First the run and then the catch when you had a mismatch with the lineman.

A: The first run was just I ran to the right, guys blocked it up. My last guy’s a safety and I just out ran him. But I mean, they blocked it up. That’s all I could say, they guys really blocked well. Then on the mismatch, it was a linebacker, which he knew it would be a hard match up. But we’ve been working at that all week. We didn’t think that we would get a linebacker to go out with me. So, when we see it, we were surprised. I looked at Tyrod [Taylor] like, hey this an early Christmas present. It worked though. I came outside and scored a touchdown.

Q: How different does this team feel to you, if at all, compared to a previous Bills team you’ve been on?

A: We’re finding ways to win. We’re all accountable. Guys are really accountable. They come early, they leave late. There’s a thing where coach asks all the players questions to see their preparation for the weekend. Guys are on it. Guys are looking at old film on a team for a year or two years before. That’s something I do just because I’ve been around for nine years, but young guys are doing it. Everybody’s prepared. Guys are on time for meetings. It’s like they want to be here. They want to win and they’re ready to put everything on the line to do that.

Q: Does that say to you that this is the type of team that could in fact at least do its part to get you to the playoffs?

A: Oh yeah. Listen, I’ve been on a lot of good teams with a lot of talent. But the good teams I’ve been on, like the attitudes’ like this, being on time, being accountable, holding the guy next to you accountable. Not wanting to let your teammates down. A lot of guys put a lot on the line. Guys are sore and banged up after games because they’re putting everything they have to that, to their craft. That’s what you want for a team to be successful, and that’s what we’re doing.

Q: LeSean, a lot was made all throughout the week about this maybe being Kyle Williams’s last home game, in the nature of the NFL, being a high priced player and the salary caps as it goes. Did you ever give it a thought that this would be your last game?

A: I hope not. I hope not, but I know how this business is. I’ve been in that situation before, and I was even hotter back then. All I can do is just, hopefully win games, produce, and be one of the better players on the field each time I line up. I’ll let the guys up in the office make that call. I would love to end my career here in Buffalo. I put big numbers up in Philly and I want to do the same here and get a ring. Bring this team to playoffs, and potentially a championship. But you never know. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that fans they love their players, and players, they love playing this game. They go from team to team but one thing that stays the same is the franchise. This franchise has been here for years, and it’s going to be here. The players exchange and go here and here, but this franchise will always be here. Knowing that, nobody’s safe. Whatever happens, happens.

Q: Can you go back to that moment where Drew [Rosenhaus] told you you got traded, and said this is not a joke?

A: For the kid we just played?

Q: Right. How would you describe the evolution of your opinion of the Bills from that moment to right now?

A: Well, I was not happy, considering I’m actually from PA, and I’m not far from the stadium. So when I played bad I would go home and get some home cooked food from Mom. And she could tell the type of game I had, she would leave early to go home and cook it for me. So that hurt me. Not knowing nothing about Buffalo, I had never been to Buffalo. I was hurt cause I was the fan favorite. I had a lot of stats and I was the main marketed guy on the team. [Derek] Boyko, you remember that. So I was hurt. And it was the first time I ever had a coach tell me, hey, I want somebody else. I don’t think you’re good enough. So, all those things played into effect. Then I go to Buffalo, I know nothing about and I get here. At first I was angry, I didn’t want to go. But then when I got here, it just seemed like the environment, the people. The other thing I noticed when I got here was the talent. I was like, damn these dudes are loaded. That whole year I wanna say, maybe around the fourth or fifth game, I started slowly getting involved and being around the community. I wouldn’t leave. I wouldn’t leave my home, go to practice and go home. Then I started going out, meeting people, going to restaurants, getting the love from the fans. I started to fall in love with it. You know now, I look at this like home. But that’s old now, it’s in the past. I’ve moved on and I was truly happy. The people here, the teammates, and the city embrace me with open arms. I’m thankful for that, I’m thankful.

Q: LeSean, you’ve been pretty vocal about other guys that you think should go in the Hall of Fame, like Frank Gore as an example. Now you’re over ten thousand, what about your case?

A: Well I have a lot more years to get done, a lot more yards to make. I want to get a ring. I want to get a championship. That’s one of the things I’ve had on my list since I was a kid, since watching championship games and the playoffs as a child. That’s something I want to accomplish. So until then, I’ll think about that later. I’ll have Derek Boyko tell you my stats and keep me in the loop. The ultimate goal is to get to 12,000, so I got a little more work to go.

Q: Speaking of the guy they traded for you, you juked him pretty hard.

A: Yeah, it’s not the first time. I suspect it. I know their D Coordinator and team, they know my talent. They know what’s up.


Q: It looked like movement or mobility wasn’t an issue. How did your knee feel throughout the game today?

A: I felt good. Using my legs was definitely part of the game plan. Like I said earlier in the week, the training staff did a great job over the past two weeks of getting me ready to get back out there playing and back to feeling normal. Credit goes to them, along with hard work and God himself.

Q: No pain at all? There were no moments when you felt it?

A: A couple times I did but I think adrenaline, when you mix that into the equation, you are able to go out there and play. I was able to play on it the game I got hurt for three quarters until it just got aggravated again but I didn’t really take too many shots today. I was able to protect my knees without really falling or taking any direct hits to it, so I think that also helped.

Q: That was the first time you guys scored a touchdown on your opening drive for this season. How much does that change the whole outcome of the game when get off to a start like that, and be in the rhythm you guys were in earlier?

A: It definitely changes a lot. Coach [Sean McDermott] talks to us a lot about starting fast, something we haven’t done so well this year. First drive of the game as well as coming out of halftime and going out and putting up points too. It’s definitely something that I focus on and we were able to go out there and execute well and put up points. It’s a momentum booster for us as an offense but as well for our team.

Q: As successful as they were on third down defensively the last two games, was there anything that you and Coach Dennison or maybe the offensive coaches put in the game plan that was any special to say? They looked to be a step behind you guys on third down.

A: I think it boiled down to match ups. It’s a very good team, a bunch of talented guys. We were able to go out there and execute and make some plays on third down. They still did a lot of the things we saw on film, that’s their identity. We were just able to execute.

Q: What is it about you and Miami? You’ve had a lot of your best games against them. Do you feel more confident knowing it’s them and what’s happened in the past?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily just them. This time of year you want to be playing at a high level, playing meaningful football and winning in December is definitely big for us. It’s important to me and I take those opportunities and try to make the best of them. Today we were able to take a great opportunity for us to take a step in the right direction and we have to continue to keep doing so, and use this as momentum going forward.

Q: On the run to the pile on there, did you know you had that corner right away or were you like I hope I get there?

A: Oh hope, that would be not trusting my speed. The play is actually designed to go up the middle and they inserted a safety and he’s the free guy. I basically have to make him make a miss. I was able to get behind the lineman and jump back, make a jump cut to the left. Now I know it’s just me and him and I have to get to the pylon and I was able to do so. The lineman did a great job of blocking as well as the receivers outside.

Q: On the touchdown to LeSean McCoy, it wasn’t quite a rub but Charles Clay did just enough to kind of slow the linebacker down. Did you see mismatch right away because it’s a linebacker on LeSean McCoy, is that what you’re thinking?

A: Yes it’s definitely a check for us. Something we’ve had in the game plan for a couple weeks we just haven’t had the opportunity to get the look. We were able to get the look we wanted today. I have all the confidence in the world in Shady in going out there and making a play. In the passing game he was able to win his one on one matchup and make a big play for us.

Q: Just the team’s support for LeSean, guys wearing the 10k sweatshirts, Coach [McDermott] even congratulates him during the game. Just the team support that surrounded getting him there, could you just speak to that?

A: Shady is a special talent of course. For him to get 10k at such a young age is definitely impressive as well too. The team, we want to see guys achieve of course their personal goals, but as well the team goals. We were trying to get him that last week, we were short. Guys love when guys make history. It’s big for him. I know he’s excited, I’m excited for him but as a team we are more excited about the win. He would tell you the same.

Q: You talked about how the momentum boost is good for the offense. Does it give you any more boost knowing what they had done to the Patriots offense 6 days earlier?

A: Two totally different teams when you look at us and the Patriots. This team that we just played is definitely a very talented team. We were able to go out there and execute, that’s what it boils down to. Each and every week we just play the opportunities that are in front of us, and we were able to take advantage of a big opportunity today.

Q: Do you allow yourself to just wrap your mind around the possibilities that are here given that you haven’t been to a playoff yet, with this team? You haven’t done it as a starter. Your team as a whole, this team as a whole, when you see a game like this and what this team’s fit for, what do you allow yourself to embrace?

A: Really just take it one game at a time. Yes we got the win today, but there is a bunch of things that we could have done better in all phases, special teams, defense, and offense. I think very good teams look themselves in the mirror after a game like this and still try to figure out ways were we can get better. That’s what we have to do to be the team that we want to be moving forward.

Q: Could one of those things be stepping on a team’s throat? You guys had that 15 point lead at halftime, you want to just go for that kill shot.

A: Absolutely. Finishing games, starting fast of course, but finishing games. Like Coach [McDermott] talked about at the halftime, the killer instinct. We’ve been able to put some teams away throughout the year but not on a consistent basis. That’s something that we have to do.

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