On Tuesday night Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos said “I think in a perfect world, the ownership group in Buffalo would have rather waited until Christmas, but I’m hearing that the decision could come a lot sooner here, and they ultimately will make the change.”  On Wednesday the Sabres said the report was 100% false.

I’m guessing Kypreos’s would have never made such a bold comment if he hadn’t heard it from someone with an inside knowledge of the Sabres front office. Of course with the Sabres sitting at 1-6-1 it would be expected that any GM would be in trouble, but not in Buffalo.

The fact that the Sabres denied the statement is not surprising, but Kypreos’s comment may have actually extended Regier’s longevity. Terry Pegula strikes me as a man who who doesn’t like to do anything before he’s ready. To have the media react so quickly to Kypreso’s scoop and force the Sabres to react wouldn’t sit well with Pegula.

At the end of last season Ted Black revealed Regier doesn’t work for him. So, it would strictly be Pegula’s move to fire Darcy Regier, a man he obviously trusts and respects. I believe if Nick Kypreos was right, Terry Pegula wouldn’t acknowledge it.

Nick Kypreos may have actually preserved Darcy Regier’s job for at least the time being. Of course if the Sabres muster just another three points in their next eight games that still may change.

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