I had the pleasure of having Dick Gallagher on my weekly “All Sports WNY” show on WBBZ-TV Tuesday. I have known Dick since the 1980’s and we have served together on the DiPaolo Scholarship committee for the past seventeen years. No one in Western New York knows more about the entire high school football scene than my man Dick Gallagher.

High school football has been a family thing for Dick as he and his twin brother played the game, as well as his son and grandsons. However, it didn’t really matter if family members were playing in the games, Dick made it a point early on to attend anyway.

Dick Gallagher not only enjoyed the high school game he also created a publication to promote it and every team in the Section. Dick also created a huge year-end banquet to honor these young men as well. Because of Gallagher’s expertise in this area he became a fixture on every TV station in town this time of year to share his knowledge.

Now, when not appearing on my “All Sports WNY” show, Gallagher can be found on WGRZ-TV and the WNY High School Sports web site.

Dick Gallagher not only became WNY’s number one promoter of high school football, he more importantly took on the challenge of youth substance abuse like no other.

Dick Gallagher is the former Executive Director of Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services, Inc. and was the force behind the Kids Escaping Drugs program and annual telethon. Gallagher topped it all in creating the Renaissance House, a 30-bed teen treatment facility in West Seneca.

Western New York high school sports and those affected by substance abuse are fortunate to have a Dick Gallagher in its corner. Dick’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed either, as he has been inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame and has received numerous awards.

When attending your next high school football game look down the sidelines to see if Dick is at his post taking in the sights and sounds of his favorite past time. It wouldn’t be the high school football season without him.


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