Q: So Josh, what were your expectations having been out as long as you were and how did this game measure up to them?

A: I mean my expectations were that I’d be back, I’d be better mentally and obviously physically with the elbow holding up, and I just wanted to go out there and complete the ball when it needed to be completed and make plays when plays needed to be made. I trust the guys around me, and that’s kind of what we did today. Robert Foster made a huge play to start the game. Our defense played outstanding, with the goal-line stop and the missed field goal then three plays later we’re down in the end zone. You just can’t say enough about it and how we kind of pulled together here. It’s an exciting win and it’s definitely, hopefully, going to carry some momentum into next week.

Q: Given that you’re coming back from an injury that had you out for a long time, the elbow, did you anticipate running as much as you did? And as you were making all of those runs, tough ones included, did you think about the elbow at all?

A: No, not at all. And that’s one of the reasons that we elected to not play against the Jets and use the bye week just so I felt comfortable. I didn’t have to think about it, just making throws, and we’re just back to normal. I can take hits normally and that’s why we used the bye week, and it was a great use. I thank Coach [Sean] McDermott for trusting me and the strength and training staff for helping me out through that process.

Q: Did you have an idea that there were going to be lanes for you to exploit with your legs knowing there would be people with their backs turned, that kind of thing?

A: I mean, they went split-safety quite a bit. And their MIKE was relating to three, especially when we did go empty so that opens up a lot of lanes for a quarterback to run. There were a few plays that were broken and we decided to make a play and there was a lane, and like I said, our offensive line opened up some really good holes for us. The quarterback draw down on the goal line in the red zone was a great call by Coach [Brian] Daboll and we executed it well

Q: Take us through the long touchdown to Robert [Foster], was that the first read or did you come off to him? What exactly happened that play?

A: Yeah, so I came off to him. We had Zay [Jones] on basically a curl route about 18-yards down the field so I felt like the corner kind of jumped it. Robert saw a safety deep, cut in front of his face, and I didn’t even really see it get caught, I got hit as soon as I threw it, but looking at the replay he made a heck of a catch and a heck of an effort after to go score. It was awesome for him.

Q: How about you though? I mean [Dawuane] Smoot and [Yannick] Ngakoue sandwiching you, what does that feel like from where you were?
A: Whether I’m standing up or laying down on the ground, a touchdown is a touchdown and that feeling won’t change. It was awesome.

Q: The Jalen Ramsey stuff was maybe a bit over-blown, but I’m sure it was on your mind a little bit. So to win that game, any semi bit of implication?

A: I just want to win football games. There was a lot of trash talking before and after, but ultimately my job is to go out there and help this team win football games. And I did a good enough job of that tonight with the help of my team, and I can’t speak enough about those guys. They played their tails off and did what they were able to do. And we made plays when plays needed to be made.

Q: Did he [Ramsey] get in your face at all and say anything specific? I know he was trash talking a lot of guys but were there any implications where it was you and him squared up with a little trash talking?
A: I wouldn’t say, again I couldn’t tell you I really can’t remember, but it’s fun to go out and compete. He’s one of the best corners in the game and to come out and play like we did as a team against a very good defense, I think they’re ranked number three in the league, to come out and get a W and score 24 points felt good.

Q: Was there any part of you going into this game that considered the fact the last time this team played Matt Barkley and the offense did pretty well, and now they’re going to go back to you regardless at some point. Knowing that that had happened did that do anything to you wanting to make sure that you showed up?
A: No, not at all. I said this before the Jets game that this offense is really close. It showed in the last two weeks of what we’re capable of doing. Matt came in against the Jets and did a heck of a job. He’s taught me a lot in the last two or three weeks since he’s been here. He approaches it as a professional and that’s all that you can ask for. I know that he’s ready whenever he needs to be called on. Like I said, Coach says that this a time for me and us to grow and I’m doing that and trusting the guys around me. 

Q: The offense as a whole and what Robert’s been able to do in the last few games are we starting to really see the kind of field stretching that he can do?
A: Oh, absolutely. He can fly. 16 can fly and he’s an undrafted free agent so he’s definitely that underdog story that you love to see. His work ethic is awesome and we have a really good relationship. It’s good to see him make plays like that. He deserves it because he’s been working extremely hard.

Q: How frustrated were you in the second quarter when you made some really good throws and they were each called back by an offensive line penalty?

A: Penalties are always frustrating. It’s part of the game. Things are going to happen. Guys kind of slip and hands go up to faces, whatever it is, it’s part of the game. That’s why we play it. That’s why the refs are out there. We just have to overcome it and we have to adjust, and we did a good job of that tonight. Our special teams unit did a really good job of downing the ball inside the two or three yard line a couple of times, so that’s extremely huge for an offense and a defense. It’s situational football being able to flip a field and pin them deep.

Q: Do you feel like you’re getting better with the touch only passes?
A: I think so. Just learning the throws that I can and can’t make. Understanding, like I said, seeing D.A. [Derek Anderson] and Matt throw the ball gives me confidence that I don’t need to put everything on the line. You know I’m still developing that part of my game, but without those guys and Dabes [Brian Daboll] and Shea [Tierney] and Coach [David] Culley, we’ve been working on it and I think it’s paying off.

Q: With the 19 [Isaiah McKenzie] touchdown, it looked like you guys separated the timing of the play. Can you speak to that a little bit? Just with the timing and the execution of it you were quicker than maybe you were in the past, because all the sudden he has the ball and he’s gone…

A: I mean that’s what Isaiah brings to the table. He’s extremely quick and he gets zero to 100 as quick as you can. It was a short motion, quick snap, get him the ball, let him work on the edge. We had two great blocks. I think Logan [Thomas] and Zay got their guys on the ground and Isaiah was able to stroll in there. And to be able to see him, he’s a second year player drafted in the fifth round by the Broncos, being cut, the highs and lows that he’s had to go through, to come here and to fit a role he’s been excelling in it.

Q: After the game, Jalen sought you out to say something. What did he say and what did that mean to you when he talked to you after the game?

A: He just shook my hand and said good job. As competitors when things happen we want to compete. And he’s an ultimate competitor just like myself and maybe it’s a respect thing, I’m not really sure, but I appreciate that and I takes a big man to do that.

Q: What was the reason for the touchdown celebration? Why did you do what you did?
A: I just felt like I came off and stiff-armed a guy and then kind of met someone at the goal line, so I was just feeling a little strong today.

Q: Was it reminiscent of anyone else?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Just going back, you talked about your need to develop. I understand this is just one game but I guess how significant is it to you to come off of the injury like you did with the rehab and get back in and really show now visible signs of rust?
A: I mean it speaks volumes to our training staff and our athletic trainers and the work that they put in on helping me get back on the field. And to the coaches, (Brian) Daboll had a great game plan today and we executed well when we needed to. There’s still things to clean up and get better as we move on for next week, but it’s just a lot of trust in this organization that’s starting to develop. We have a lot of young guys and things are starting to click and it’s good to see that. We have to continue to keep this momentum going.

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