Put me down as shocked that any serious Buffalo Bills fan would consider quarterback Jeff Tuel the future of the team. That, however, is exactly what is going on among a small but vocal group of callers to WGR radio.

Tuel played a very encouraging second half Sunday against the Colts back-ups and earned accolades and possibly a pay check in the NFL. Jeff Tuel did not play well enough to be seriously considered as the starter on this football team.

There are certain people in all communities that rally against the favorite, the chosen one, in all walks of life. Some folks are just so bitter by what life has to offer that they often find joy in tearing people down, especially those who are receiving attention. I believe some folks in this town feel that way about EJ Manuel and have rallied behind a possible over-achiever like Jeff Tuel.

I saw this to a greater extent when Jim Kelly was the man for the Bills and arrived in town hailed as the savior. Before Kelly could earn criticism for his play there were those who hated his celebrity and bristled at the positive articles and stories. They were the ones who believed Frank Reich was the better QB and griped about Kelly until he retired.

EJ Manuel is the face of the Buffalo Bills going forward. The team used a first round pick to make him their franchise quarterback and so far Manuel has rewarded their pick. Jeff Tuel is an drafted free agent and has demonstrated a decent arm and has been cool in most circumstances. Jeff Tuel does not have the resume nor on the field accomplishments to move him ahead of EJ Manuel on the depth chart.

Sunday afternoon I was driving back to Buffalo and listening to the postgame show on the radio. Host Sal Capaccio said that it was premature to discuss Tuel earning the starting job and I thought he was crazy for even bringing it up. Turned out I had no idea how foolish some fans are in this town.

A caller to the Simon and White morning show wondered out loud if there was a racial tone to the preference for Tuel over Manuel. Howard and Jeremy seemed a bit uncomfortable discussing whether it was racial, but I had the same question in my own mind. In fact, I feel some of those callers who were screaming about how it was obvious Tuel outplayed Manuel had some hating going on.

EJ Manuel has been all that the Buffalo Bills had hoped for so far. I truly hope his play on the field and behavior off it is weighed in a fair and proper manner. I’m getting too old to listen to the haters in this world.

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