DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE plight of the Buffalo Bills. In advance of the “meeting” between Terry Pegula, GM Whaley and head coach Ryan, fans are in a quandary thanks to the no specific outlook on the coming season during the press conference.

Rex Ryan

Art Wander

As everyone knows, in his last few years with the New York Jets, that team floundered and he left that club winning only 4 games in the 1914 season. And for this, owner Terry Pegula gave him a multi-million dollar contract that still amounts to over 20 million owed to the coach.

Is he worth it? He’s worth every penny Pegula is willing to give him. Does he deserve it? No – based on his record as a head coach in the NFL which is a losing record.

Now he claims that changes will be coming. In the first place, the change he never should have made was to let Jim Schwartz leave the team after an outstanding 2014 defensive season and switch from the 4-3 to a 3-4. The players complained but Ryan’s stubbornness continued to force feed a system that the players couldn’t adjust to.

And there’s word that Pegula might clean some of the house if the Bills flounder as they id in the past season.

Why do I look at 4-12 or 5-11 season? First Ryan and Whaley say they will focus on signing their own players – a few who will be unrestricted free agents. Offensive linemen Glenn and Incognito are a pair who must not be allowed to leave. There might not be enough left to go after needed free agents.

Do you feel comfortable with Urbik as a starting guard? Oh, to heck with it. I could cite so many reasons that make me feel that next season will be the 17th without the Bills getting into the playoffs. Cap space; players leaving and, dare I say it, another rebuilding era.

As you may have guessed – I’m not impressed with Ryan and his coaching staff. There are too many holes but the biggest one is getting a system that fits the talent of the players.

Thankfully, the season is over but there’s another one around the corner and if history is the best teacher, Ryan may not pass the exam on Don’t Get Me Started.

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