Doing the Fred Jackson Show live every Monday night on WBBZ-TV has allowed me to see Fred up close and personal and it is a pleasure. Fred Jackson is the real deal, a character guy who truly appreciates being a Buffalo Bill and playing in the NFL. Sunday Bills fans gained an even greater sense of appreciation for the man, Fred Jackson.

In the first quarter of the Bills game Fred went down and screamed in pain on the sidelines. It appeared that Fred was possibly out for the season. Of course we now all know that not only was Fred not out, but he scored a TD, had 85 total yards and had a ten yard run late in the game that his agent Ron Raccuia called “the greatest run of his career”.

Fred Jackson also got in Mario Williams ear in the 4th quarter and said it was time for another sack and of course Williams forced a fumble that put the Bills on the road to victory.

Fred Jackson

Courtesy Marvel Comics

I especially enjoy the fact that Fred Jackson is a comic book fan and of course loves the Hulk. Fred has suddenly made his Hulk move the rage after scoring touchdowns and you know tee-shirts can’t be far behind.

We had fun with Fred on his last show transposing his image with the Hulk’s and putting Fred on the cover of a Hulk comic book. Fred loved it and why not, he was wearing a Hulk tee-shirt on the show.

Fred Jackson will undoubtedly go down in Bills history as one of the all-time fan favorites. Fred is a genuine leader, a man who leads by example and is a mentor. The young players he brings on his show all look up to Jackson and take his advice like he was family.

Speaking of family, Fred and his beautiful wife Danielle have a son and three daughters. The youngest daughter was just born in September and Fred manages to balance tending to his young family while also focusing on the season.

Fred Jackson is playing hurt, my guess a sprained MCL and yet he refuses to miss time. Jackson has worked too hard to be where he is and he’s not about to sit on the sidelines and watch others enjoy the Bills’ turn around.

In the comic book the Hulk always says “no one stops the Hulk.” Well no one is going to stop Fred Jackson from carving his legacy as one of the great Buffalo Bills.


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