DON’T GET ME STARTED closed the eyelids and drifted into the land of ooo-blah-di. What came before me was a scenario that probably won’t come true, but the possibility does exist.


Art Wander

Imagine Buffalo finishing the season in last place in the NHL. Go one step further and see that the New York Islanders finished as the second worst team in the NHL I imagine Buffalo winning the lottery for the right to pick first in the draft. That means that New York is assured of getting the 2nd pick in the draft.

When the Sabres traded Vanek to the Isles for New York’s #1 pick before the 2014 draft, the Isles decided NOT to give Buffalo its 2014 first rounder, delaying it until 2015, a talent rich class.

I rolled over with a big smile on my face as I watched Buffalo drafting first. They select a player destined for greatness……Connor McDavid. The Islanders were next on the board, but Buffalo owns that pick and the Sabres select Jack Eichel, who many feel has more upside than McDavid. Both are heralded players. Many see McDavid going #1.

OK, I dream on. If the St. Louis Blues falter to such a degree that, somehow they will be drafting third – the Sabres hit the mega lottery since they own the first round pick of the Blues obtained in the trade of Ryan Miller to St. Louis. Next in line for greatness probably is defenseman Noah Hanifin and Buffalo selects him.

If everything falls into place with St. Louis moving to 3rd, Islanders 2nd and Sabres 1st, Buffalo gets McDavid – Eichel – and Hanifin, the top 3 prospects – all franchise players. Ted Nolan would be doing flips; Pegula would be ecstatic getting ready for 2015-2016 season ticket sales; Murray would be revered and Bettman would go berserk as all other teams would be screaming at him since they would miss out on a chance to get one of the three.

As you read this, you’re going ga-ga over the possibility that such a dream can become a reality if the Sabres – the Islanders – and the Blues rest at the bottom of the standings, knowing that Buffalo might get 3 franchise players at the top of the draft. Many fans might be rooting for many losses by these clubs this season.

A barking dog awakened me in time for breakfast and I wondered if that scenario would happen since Buffalo needs such a big break on Don’t Get Me Started.

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