DON’T GET ME STARTED ON REPORT OF REX RYAN COMING TO BUFFALO AS HEAD COACH. The first thing I yelled was…..”Time Out.” Oh, I forgot Ryan didn’t call a time out in a game – one of his assistants did. It was a mess.

Russ Brandon

Art Wander

Two years ago, after Ralph Wilson put Russ Brandon in charge of everything, quite a few moves were made. Whaley was hired as GM. Let’s remember the latter pair was responsible for drafting QB E.J. Manuel and hiring Doug Marrone as coach. Hey gang, how did that work out? Are we going down the same path? I wonder what Bill Polian would have suggested.

As I understand it, the trio handling the search for a head coach this time were the Pegulas, Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley. What did Brandon and Whaley advise to Pegula?

The last couple of years for the Jets became a mess under Rex Ryan. This season, his record was 4-12. I could give tons of other examples as to why Rex Ryan is not a good fit for the Bills/Buffalo. In effect I’m echoing the words of News reporter Vic Carucci who said the same thing in his Sunday News column.

Here we go again. There is one word that the Bills lock in their franchise vocabulary……RE-BUILDING. We hear that Ryan is looking at a 5 year deal for over $25 million

What did Buffalo Bills fans plead for since Marrone opted out? They wanted an offensive mind to come in and steer the offense into the same production that the defense did this past season. Oh – the defense. What does this say about Jim Schwartz, the Bills defensive coordinator who did an outstanding job of coaching the defense? What will happen with Schwartz?

Ryan is a 4-3 coach and wound up with a record of 4-12. Schwartz’s team finished 9-7 and the defense was one of the more respected in the league. Frankly, Schwartz might have been a better pick for head coach than Ryan. What happens if Schwartz leaves? As most everyone knows, a new coach likes to bring in his own people. Boy, Marrone picked a beauty in Nate Hackett as offensive coordinator. Is Ryan’s brother (a defensive guy) looming on the horizon? Is Michael Vick headed to Buffalo? Boy, there’s a ton of questions that need to be asked and answered.

Many will try to figure out what the Pegulas and Brandon listened to when they interviewed Ryan. Maybe he made them laugh so hard with his wit that they were impressed.

I would think that the Pegulas – as do other teams looking for head coaches – would have really exhausted the search to include those offensive coordinators still in the playoffs. After all, in a previous column I asked what kind of investigation did Brandon conduct before hiring Marrone. Only he knows.

When Bills world heard the news Sunday that Rex Ryan was reportedly the man, most of them expressed shock – as did I. Politicians like to run on their record. Really, Rex Ryan (especially in the last couple of years) didn’t warrant re-election in New York. Fans were very vocal, calling for the ouster of Ryan before the season hit the half-way mark and owner Woody Johnson obliged them.

Bills fans should be wondering if and/or when he comes aboard: How will he fix the quarterback problem? How will he fix the offensive line? Why scrap the defensive philosophy that kept the Bills in the game, only to be victimized by the offense. Greg Williams; Dick Jauron and now Rex Ryan. Defensive guys who haven’t come close to smelling the Super Bowl on Don’t Get Me Started.

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