DON’T GET ME STARTED has heard, and read and listened to so many people claiming that Seattle would win or New England will win. C’mon now, nobody knows how the game will turn out between the best offensive team in the league and the best defensive team in the league

Art Wander

Art Wander

Of course, Bills fans have seen more than enough of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the 15 straight years that has seen the Pats bury the Bills time and time again keeping the Bills out of the playoffs.

OK, there’s one sure way that New England can win the game and knowing Belichick, he’ll probably employ my scheme. What I propose has the Pats excelling in that scheme. Here’s what New England should do:

1. Move the chains. Run Blount for 3, 4, 5 yards
2. Brady nickel and dime the Seahawks’ defense with short tosses and screens for the other 7,6,5 yards to
3. Keep moving the chains.

The key here is getting first downs, scoring points and winning what I consider to be the most important stat in the game…….TIME OF POSSESSION.

Long drives will enable New England to keep Wilson and Lynch off the field. Add the combination of Gronk and Brady in the mix and you have some interesting things. What Brady should do is send swing passes to Gronk on the right side. Gronk bursts into the secondary and when Sherman comes in for the tackle…..Gronk gets his 6’6” 280 pound body into that arm that Sherman hurt in the Packers game.

The key, again, is time of possession. If the Pats can hold the ball between 35 and 40 minutes in the game, Seattle’s Wilson and Lynch will be spectators on the bench watching Brady, Gronk, Blount move the chains……keep the Pats defense fresh while Seattle’s defense will tire…..and there’s the Pats victory.

That’s one of the reasons I’m rooting for New England. It’s not that I like them…..I don’t. I also dislike Seattle but here’s the other catch with the New England victory.

Every athlete wants to bow out on a winning note. Note the great Ted Williams in his last at bat, hit a home run at Fenway and then retired from the game. If New England wins, Belichick and/or Brady will be on top and considering what they just went through, might call it a career and wait for the Hall

For everything I’ve just noted……I will (reluctantly) be rooting for New England on Don’t Get Me Started.

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