DON’T GET ME STARTED would have surmised that if became coach of the Buffalo Bills, I would make sure that I would surround myself with some winners rather than guys who lost 12 out of 16 games last season. But then again, my name isn’t Rex Ryan.

Art Wander

Art Wander

Most of his assistants are changing colors from green to blue. I’m surprised at losing some pretty good coaches in the process. Of course, how do Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcel Darius, Jerry Hughes feel when Ryan lets Pepper Johnson get away from them. Johnson was the defensive line coach terrorizing opponents with the front four. What a job he did. He’s gone and where did he go? Why he’s with the Jets.

Naturally, I would have been satisfied to see Jim Schwartz remain as offensive coordinator but it was evident from the start that one Ryan said he would switch to the 3-4 alignment, the days for Schwartz were numbered since they couldn’t exists. Schwartz is gone

Let’s put it in terms of production. Who did better? It was Jim Schwartz. When the Bills faced Ryan’s defense in the 2 games last season, they pumped in 81 points in the pair of games – 43 in the first game – 38 in the second game. The defense of Schwartz gave up 3 in the first game and 23 in the second game as the Bills blistered Ryan’s defense.

There one thing that will become very clear. Unless Ryan and improve on the Bills being the 4th most powerful defense in 2015, Ryan would fail in the area of his expertise…defense. .

When Marrone was hired a couple of years ago, in came his buddies to assist. Ryan is bringing in more guys from his camp than did Marrone. He created jobs for them. And all I see from the group is the very recent history of assisting a losing team with a losing record.

So, all those fans who are shouting with glee will be waiting to see how things work out for the Bills under the new regime on Don’t Get Me Started.

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