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Art Wander

For the past month or so I criticized the University of Buffalo, including the Athletic Director White and basketball coach Bobby Hurley. My feelings came before the Bulls went on a 6 game winning streak. Those feelings were tempered by my praise of the job Reggie Witherspoon did and then was fired.

I was (and still am) critical of the University changing its sports name from University at Buffalo (UB) to: State University of New York at Buffalo. It still rankles me to view that change on the basketball jerseys.

I’m writing this a couple of hours before UB takes on the Akron Zips with hopes of gaining a bid to the big dance as MAC champions. Earlier the UB women lost to the Ohio Bobcats to end their season, and it looks as if next year they will have a good contending team.

As for the men’s basketball team, credit has to go to Bobby Hurley (who replaced popular Witherspoon.) There were times during the season where I felt that perhaps he was a little over-matched in leading his first team in Division I.

But, heading into the Friday Akron game, Hurley has a 21-9 record which makes this season a huge success. 20 wins seems to be the magic number for success and Hurley has done it – including coach the MAC player of the year, Moss.

So, White and Hurley has done a good job in basketball with high hopes for next season and now it will remain for the football team to follow in the footsteps of Quinn who has been replaced by Lance Leipold who, like Hurley, enters into his first Division I program.

As Marv Levy told me, “One thing about you, Art, is that when we do badly, you let us have it, but when we do well, you give us praise.”

So, noting the good record of the basketball tea, kudos to Bobby Hurley and White on Don’t Get Me Started – Go Bulls.

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