DON’T GET ME STARTED has seen enough blunders to scream for the elimination of the Replays in sports.  Major League Baseball adopted the  Replay rules and all you’re getting is blown calls.

Take the Red  Sox/Yankee Series.  Umps make a call…..go to replay, stick with the original call.  The replays  clearly showed that the call needed to be overturned and the next day, major league baseball admitted that the call should have been overturned.

Next day – same teams – double play grounder is underway – the ball hits the first baseman’s mitt before the runner touches the bag.  An out call is made.  It goes to replay and is overturned with the silly reasoning that the first baseman needed to squeeze his glove to insure the out.  The ball clearly beat the runner.  On the play, the winning run was allowed to score.  Stupid.

There have been many complaints in baseball and games are approaching 4 hours.  Girardi takes his sweet time leaving the dugout to go discuss with the ump before finally calling for a replay.  Some replays have taken several minutes.

One other item.  These quick thumb artists, especially in baseball should be subjected to challenge by the managers.  Right now, even think about arguing and you’re out of the game.  Argue a strike call – you’re out of the game.  How many remember the great entertainment when Leo Duroucher, Billy Martin, Earl Weaver would bolt out of the dugout and get  into it with the ump.  That made the game fun.  Now, it’s not as much fun.

Bring back that joy and the best place to start is getting rid of the replay systems on Don’t Get Me Started.

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