DON’T GET ME STARETED wonders how many times over the past few years, I’ve written and spoken volumes about the NHL under Commissioner Gary Bettman.  It doesn’t seem possible that he’s been in his chair for over 20 years, a decade too long.

I would venture to say that Bettman gets the loudest and most sustained chorus of boos cascading down from the stands whenever he makes an appearance.  Watch the presentation of the Stanley Cup and the boos drown out everything else.  Ditto for the All Star game.

Let me say that I support all those who boo this Commissioner – this guy who came to the NHL from basketball.

Now comes the latest brainstorm that seems like its brainless when you consider what it will do to competitive balance.  In 2015, it’s been written that the lottery will allow all non-playoff teams, 14 of them, to compete for the #1 pick in a draft.

This will reduce the percentage the Buffalo Sabres would have if they finished last or near the bottom.

Every year the NHL makes changes, whether its re-alignment; or a strange “memo” sent to clubs that allowed an opponent to be in the crease and score a goal.  That, likely, may have cost the Sabres a Stanley Cup.  Leave well enough for a year or two.  Why all the changes every single year.

They reason, with this latest proposal that they want to eliminate tanking by teams.  Hey, Bettman, what has Edmonton done with all those first round picks they acquired; how about the Cleveland Cavaliers with all their #1 picks?  Have they improved where they compete for the championship?  NO.  This is as lame a reason as one could have for making such a drastic change at the expense of competitive balance.

How in the world could they get this through?  I also want to know how did Ted Black vote on this proposal.  Frankly, why does Black represent the Sabres in league matters?  It would be more helpful to Buffalo if Tim Murray was representing the organization.

But this new lottery system of Bettman and his cronies simply stinks.  Let’s give a scenario:  Suppose the talent laden Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings miss the playoffs by a point.  They, then, would be eligible for a higher lottery position and be eligible to get the #1 pick in the talent laden pool.

Is that fair??????  Absolutely not and Tim Murray, Buffalo’s GM said it doesn’t seem fair.

Right now……everyone should be rooting for the Player’s Association to say NO to the proposal.  Let them say they need a couple of years to study the impact it will have.

And the bottom line is, “What does Bettman think is more important to the NHL – a perceived tanking by clubs…..or competitive balance.  The NFL, NBA, Baseball never link tanking with the way it runs its drafts and its organizations.

Bettman is out of his league with his constant changes that affect the game.  Since he came from basketball I wonder who got his ear on this dumb move on Don’t Get Me Started.

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