Former Fredonia high school wrestling coach Alex Conti has been selected to be an assistant coach for the U.S womens team competing Friday May 31st in Niagara Falls Ontario at the “Battle at the Falls”. The event will feature a U.S womens team against a team from the Ukraine and Canada.

Conti told the Dunkird Observer “I think it’s a great honor,” Conti said. “I think it’s as big an honor as anyone can have. This means so much to our sport. I was really excited when they asked me. It is important to our sport and our country.  It’s important to the world.”

The event will be the third event of the month as Los Angeles held an event earlier in May. And New York City recently held a similar event titled “Rumble at the Rails” at Grand Central Station. That event was a sellout crowd, and Conti is hoping the event May 31 does the same.

“We want to promote wrestling and change the IOC’s decision to eliminate wrestling from the 2020 Olympics, showing there is worldwide unity,” Conti noted. “It’s wrestling. Every country has the capability of sending a wrestler to the Olympics. They need to see the wrestling world can do things the diplomatic world can’t. Wrestling bridges gaps politicians can’t. Iran, Russia Japan, China, Ukraine all wrestle. Where we might have political issues, the world still comes together to compete in wrestling and there is sportsmanship as well.”

“They’re making it a pretty big event, attaching other things to it,” Conti said. “I am hoping there is a nice big crowd so they can publicize wrestling around the world. There are people interested in our sport and who support our sport. There are people who aren’t happy with the decision of the IOC to eliminate the most historic sport. Fan support would be greatly appreciated. It’s very important to our sport. We would like Canada’s event to be as fantastic as the New York City event was.”


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