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Art Wander

DON’T GET ME STARTED has me hearing media and fans and those going to training camp moan about the Bills offense and how it hasn’t been something to look forward to.

There was a 3 day stretch where EJ Manuel was targeted for inconsistent play; poor passes. Many were marveling at the defense that really didn’t have to do much to get after the Bills offense. Now, the coaches are saying that the defense is way ahead of the offense.

As everyone knows, last year’s offense didn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts and minds of opponents. Result: Losses an a higher draft pick for the Bills.

Those reading my columns on this site know that I am not impressed with head coach Doug Marrone’s choice of Syracuse buddy Nate Hackett as the team’s offensive coordinator.

When Frank Reich was let go in Indianapolis and became quarterback coach with the San Diego Chargers, Marrone went with Hackett. Last year, 2013, Reich was named offensive coordinator of the Chargers. They will face the Bills this season.

Can you imagine Reich being in charge of the Bills offense? Certainly he knows everything about running a no-huddle offense; he knows exactly how to help the Bills quarterbacks since he was about the most outstanding backup in the NFL behind HOF Jim Kelly.

Marrone maybe should have studied the field a little more than making the quick pick of Hackett. It cost him last year when the offense held the team back despite a good defense. All Bills quarterbacks didn’t light up anything in 2013. Hackett had the responsibility of working with the QBs but this year Marrone decided to hire a quarterback coach.

So fans. Wait for the game against the San Diego Chargers to watch the battle of offensive coordinators – Nate Hackett vs. Frank Reich. Who do you think will win that battle. No doubt, Reich will get a warm welcome when he comes in.

If watching Reich’s Chargers is going to be a tough chore, there will be two other games that will bear watching. I speak of the Miami Dolphins who hired Bill Lazor as the team’s offensive coordinator. WHO??????????

Well, QB Ryan Tannehill of the Fish is probably elated to welcome Lazor. He’s credited with doing a bang up job with the Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles. AND Lazor reportedly will be running the no huddle, hurry-up offense that he watched at Philadelphia last year under head coach Chip Kelly.

Two former Quarterback Coaches who toiled in the NFL are now offensive coordinators who will play Buffalo 3 times this season as opponents rather than one of them being OC in Buffalo.

The very experienced Frank Reich certainly would have been an outstanding choice, Lazor right behind him but Buffalo has Nate Hackett on Don’t Get Me Started.

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