Dwier Brown, best known for his role as Kevin Costner’s father in the classic film, “Field of Dreams,” will be making a book signing appearance at Chef’s Restaurant , 291 Seneca Street, Saturday June 19th from Noon to 1:30 PM. Dwier will selling and signing his book “If You Built It…A Book About Fathers, Fate, and Field of Dreams.”

“Since the release of the movie in 1989, I have been recognized by fans around the world for that five minute clip when Kevin Costner asks, “Hey Dad, you wanna have a catch?” Brown states. “However, it’s not just people asking for my autograph. They also want to share poignant stories about their fathers, and express the ways in which watching the film has changed their lives. All of those touching stories gave me perspec]ve on my father’s unexpected death a month before filming on the movie began. They also inspired me to document the stories, along with insider moments from the filming, and memories of my Midwestern childhood, that led to my unlikely life as a Hollywood actor, together in one special book.”

In talking about his Buffalo appearances, Brown noted a personal connection. “I was actually invited to come to Buffalo by a college roommate, Bryan Wittman,” Brown said. “Bryan and I have stayed in close contact over the years, and when he suggested getting together, he asked if I would like to set up some book signings as well. Based on all “If You Built It…” has come to mean to so many, it seemed like the perfect plan to schedule signings in the hometown of a lifelong friend on the weekend before Father’s Day.”

For more informaton about Dwier Brown, go to www.dwierbrown.com

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