The story that surfaced Thursday regarding Howard Milstein wanting to buy the Buffalo Bills is interesting, but at close inspection doesn’t pass the fugazy test. A fugazy is italian slang for fake or not authentic and that is what a Howard Milestein pursuit of the Buffalo Bills would be.

Milstein has already failed at two attempts to buy an NFL franchise in the Redskins and Browns and sued the NFL after the botched effort in Washington.  Certainly NFL owners would pass on Milstein if his name ever came up again, but it’s likely he’s not responsible for the story in the first place.

Aside from making his millions as a real estate developer, Howard Milstein is political pals with Andrew Cuomo and was named Chairman of the Thruway Board of Directors by the Governor. Milstein also once owned the New York Islanders and currently owns a large parcel of property in downtown Niagara Falls New York with no apparent plans to develop anything. Milstein would definitely not win a popularity contest in that city.

However, my guess is it was someone who may have felt they were carrying Milstein’s water of sorts by leaking a story that he was pursuing the Bills. Similar stories have surfaced regarding a new Buffalo Bills stadium being built on the parcel of land Milstein owns. Anyone familar with the lack of infrastructure in the Cataract City to support 70,000 fans knows that the premise is far fetched.

Names like Milstein will surface over the next few months because the mere mention of a potential suitor for the Bills means big headlines. They may not all be favorable, but they are front page, top of the fold news headlines and some billionaires enjoy that moment in the sun.

Wec will all know sooner rather than later who the serious contenders are in pursuit of the Buffalo Bills. The process is on the fast track and baring unforeseen complications should be completed before the end of the 2014 season.

I will leave this story with a single sentence. The ownership group that wins out in buying the Buffalo Bills will be the one that convinces the Ralph Wilson Trust and the NFL that they have the money, the desire to keep the team in Buffalo and the absolute iron-steeled will to return the Buffalo Bills to their glory days!

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