DON’T GET ME STARTED might be hearing the opening line of Fleetwood Mac’s great hit “DON’T STOP THINKIN ABOUT TOMORROW”

Two weeks ago, fans of the Buffalo Bills were actually looking forward to “tomorrow.”  And then that bubble burst.  First E.J. Manual went down with an injury.

Week 3 of the pre-season became “Wreck” 3 when Kevin Kolb caught a knee to the noggin and future CB talent Stephon Gilmore got hurt and left the game and reports say he will be gone for about 8 weeks with a broken wrist.  WOW.  That puts a hole in a secondary that didn’t look too good against the Washington Redskins in Wreck 3.  Does that make Leodis McKelvin the top CB on the team?

If that’s the case, then start singing that great Music Man hit – “There’s troubles right here in lake city.”

On a Monday following that less than convincing performance against the ‘Skins, fans were moaning about the quarterback situation.  And then the Gilmore news broke and despair crossed their faces.

So what does new Bills GM do?   He picks up Matt Leinart from the unemployed.  That brings more concern to fans and then he trades for the 4th backup quarterback of the Detroit Lions Thaddeus Lewis – who probably will be the shortest QB with the Bills since Doug Flutie.  I doubt that either of these players will ever play a down in the NFL this season.  That’s if Manuel gets back on the field.

So that leaves Jeff Tuel taking practically most of the snaps at the training field.  Actually, fans are pretty fair about Tuel.  There are many more positives than negatives and they are quick to point out that Tuel had outstanding stats in the pres-season games = better than Manuel or Kolb in the first two games.

So why am I dwelling on the negatives of bringing in Leinart and Lewis.  That’s because I can’t understand why (if they brought in Lewis) they didn’t take a chance on Alex Tanney.  He’s the quarterback who set the NCAA on its ears with outstanding performances at Monmouth College.

Oh, you say – that’s a very small school.  Well…….I’m wondering why they didn’t ask Chris Hogan, a wide receiver with the Bills After all; Hogan was with Tanney at Monmouth College.  Could he have been worse than a 4th backup on an NFL squad?

And you say…..well where is Tanney now.  How about being on the roster of the Dallas Cowboys.  He’s battling for a roster spot.  The Bills had first crack at Tanney a year ago but passed him by despite the tremendous video of how Tanney can throw the ball and a look at his college stats.

Oh well….maybe it’s time to drop the Tanney stuff and concentrate on the current quarterback situation which is in desperation mode.  Most will agree that Kolb was not the answer; many were hopeful that Manuel would prove to be another RG3III, Luck or Wilson or Kaeperneck.  And, of course, Tuel should show his stuff in the final pre-season game.

But no one knows exactly what Manuel’s injury was.  I also muse to myself.  If it was minor – then why is he using crutches?  One thing is for sure.  The Bills cannot go 3 and out for an entire half.  They have to keep the defense on the sidelines.

It will now develop into a very interesting season at One Bills Drive as it’s hoped that fans can continue to sing “Don’t Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow” positively while keeping fingers crossed on Don’t Get Me Started.

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