Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Opening Comments:
First off, obviously we’re in our new building – cause it looks new doesn’t it? Looking around here, all these things, this bad boy, that was a bit of a surprise to me. It looks good though, I like it. I’m gonna try to steal some of the old Bills pictures that were up, put them in my basement. If you’re wondering where they went, they’ll probably be down there. I mentioned to the players once you break camp and you come back to your facilities that’s gotta be special, and that’s gotta be something that almost feels like you accomplished something because you did. Now you just got to be good enough to stay in this building, and that’s the challenge to our players now. It starts being real to these players when they start saying, you know that first cut comes up to 75 and it’s hard to get them to focus on the team when you’re really, individually you got to make the team first. So I recognize that and that’s kind of where we’re at right now. But you could start feeling that intensity, the anxiety, all of it kind of combined right now as we get closer to playing this third preseason game. With that I got nothing else. (Deonte) Thompson went out, he had a foot injury or something. I mean I don’t know if injury’s the (word), he had something wrong with the foot, so we’ll see where that is. Hopefully he can play in the game, but we’re not real sure.

Q: Who is your starting quarterback for the game this Saturday?
A: Starting quarterback’s going to be EJ (Manuel). I’m gonna start EJ and like I said from day one, people will be getting…this is a real competition and EJ will start.

Q: Was that the plan to start with? Knowing this is how the rotation will go?
A: I was definitely going to, my plan was to give everybody opportunities, whether it’s equal reps or whatever. Nobody can say that nobody was given a fair shot here, so we’ve been given it. I looked at it going in to thinking I’ll start EJ in that scrimmage and then we’ll look at that third preseason. But as I got to it I thought EJ earned a shot at this. He played well in those two games as well, and really that thing wasn’t really like starting in a preseason game so we’ll see. EJ’s always gotten reps with the threes and the twos, now it’s his shot to get reps with the ones as well and I feel good about that.

Q: Was it the way he rallied the team to come back and win against Cleveland that made this decision for you?
A: It might have opened some people’s eyes, I mean I was open anyway but it’s…he was going to get opportunities, it’s just how we’re gonna plan it out. But it was an impressive drive, there’s no doubt and well it’s against the twos, the threes, whatever. It makes no difference, you’re playing football and I love just the competiveness in him and the fact he made those throws, that was impressive to me. So we’ll see how it goes.

Q: How much time will he play?
A: No, I’m not backing myself in a corner saying he’s gonna get this amount of plays or whatever. But all three guys will play with the ones. All three of those quarterbacks will have an opportunity to play with the ones.

Q: Will you play the ones through half time, into the third quarter?
A: Generally what we’ve done is we play them through half and then one series past that.

Q: What about other injury updates? We saw Bryce Brown and Boobie Dixon back.
A: They were back, Percy Harvin was back today, so they look good. Will they be available for the game? I’m not sure about that. Probably err on the side of caution, but it’s good to have those guys out there.

Q: Is Sammy Watkins available for Saturday?
A: I don’t think so. I mean Sammy was out there on the field too, but I think that we’re just gonna be cautious on some of those guys.

Q: How much stock do you put in the third preseason game?
A: About as much stock as I put in all the other ones. Not much. But with that being said I always say they’re always important, every game is important. But it’s not like oh well here’s a dress rehearsal for…I don’t believe that. I mean everyday you’re evaluating and all that kind of stuff but it’s not that this game’s more important than any other games. I don’t look at it that way. Unless we win then I’ll be like, yeah absolutely.

Q: Are you still hopeful that LeSean McCoy will be back week one?
A: Yeah. Somebody want to tell him what the answer will be to that? Cautiously what? Cautiously optimistic he’ll be back. Thank you guys. See I never needed Scott (Berchtold) for that one, you guys got it.

Q: Is it impressive that Fred Jackson keeps plugging along?
A: Oh, no question. Fred’s ready to play, that’s huge. I think the reason he got hurt in the first place – he was pushing it, you know he maxed out, he knew we had some guys down so I think that’s, but that’s who he is, he’s a pro man so it probably doesn’t surprise anybody. You guys have been around him for years now and I’m sure he’s always been like this.

Q: Can you talk about how Cordy Glenn and Richie Incognito have meshed together?
A: Yeah, I think they’ve done a great job over there, I don’t think there’s any doubt. You hear them all the time, oh I was snapping that guy off to you and things, they’re talking like that. So I think they mesh well and I think the right side has meshed well as well. With a rookie, (John) Miller, and then with Seantrel (Henderson), I think those guys have stepped up. Again I’m not ready to name everybody starters for some reason, but they’re pretty good.

Q: What’s the plan for Robert Woods this Saturday, will he play?
A: I’m not sure, he still doesn’t look like he’s all the way back. So if I was a betting man I’d say probably not.

LB Preston Brown
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q: What kind of test is it going against Pittsburgh’s offense?
A: It’s a great test for us. Guys that have been proven in this league, so you want to go out there and have a great performance against those guys. It’s their showcase game as well so we go out there and get the best, get some three and outs and show them some good defense.

Q: What do you take out of the third preseason game?
A: I mean every time we step the field we’re trying to win, so we take it seriously as a game. Especially this third one that’s the one where everyone really sees, projects how you’ll be throughout the whole year. It’s that third preseason game you play in the third quarter, come out at halftime and just try to show that you can stay in the game.

Q: Where do you feel this defense stands in regards to communication?
A: We’re doing great. Each day were getting better in communication because that’s the biggest thing, you don’t want to have a miscommunication that leads to big plays. So we’ve been working on it each day, getting better at communicating, and we’ve been doing well throughout camp.

QB Matt Cassel
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q: EJ Manuel getting the call in this one what does he have to prove, what kind of opportunity is this for him?

A: It is a great opportunity for him. You know in terms of what he has to prove I don’t know the answer. It is the coaching staff, part of the evaluation process. So I am sure he is excited about it and give him an opportunity to see what he can do.

Q: What is your mindset going into this one?

A: Go out and play well. You know that is the only thing you can do. You got to go out and try to show consistency and build on what I have in my first preseason game. Hopefully show them enough to make an impact and influence that maybe you are the guy.

Q: How much stock is put into the third preseason game?

A: Well I think anytime you get action and you get to go out there and play I think it is important. You know I don’t know how much stock the coaching staff puts into it or not. But at the same time anytime you get an opportunity you want to go out and perform.

Q: This is the game starters normally play the most how much does it compromise that all three of you are going to be in there?

A: You know what again that is a coaching decision and you just got to go out and make the most of it. Whatever comes your way you got to deal with it and if you get an opportunity to go out perform better you go out and perform.

Q: With all three of you getting first team reps what kind of pressure does that put on you to perform?

A: It doesn’t add any other pressure. I mean throughout camp we have been evaluated. It is just another step in the process, so you go out there and perform.

RB Boobie Dixon

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Q: How does it feel getting back out there?
A: It felt great man, especially coming off of last year, I had the best season of my career last year and going to camp and I’m thinking to myself I’m going to build on that. It’s about to be another good year, but then I went down with the injury, so it was kind of depressing and you know … watching this out was the toughest, you watch guys out there make plays at your position and you know you can do the same thing, but you just got injured. So it was tough, but I’m kind of back now, still bringing it in easy, but I’m making progress.

Q: Is this a good time to show the coaches what you can do?
A: I think that I showed the coaches that I know the offense and I’ve been in it three years with some assistants so, I’m not having problems with that. It’s just I need to perform, that’s really all I have to do is stay healthy and I can go out there and perform.

QB EJ Manuel

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Q: Rex (Ryan) just told us you’re starting. What are your thoughts?
A: Yeah, I’m excited about it. Pittsburgh’s a great opponent, they do a great job on defense, but I’m excited to get a chance with the one’s in a game.

Q: Were you hoping that you had shown enough to get an opportunity?
A: I figured with the rotation, I figured it would happen this week. I went first in the scrimmage, third, then second, now I’m going first again, so it’s part of the rotation.

Q: How do you feel about having performed well enough to earn the start?

A: I feel good, like I said I’m just excited to get a chance to go out there with the one’s and start off the game when I have a solid, however long I play, just want to do a solid job like I’ve been doing the past couple weeks and just run my offense. That’s the biggest thing.

Q: Does this dispel the thought that you never had a fair shot at the starting job?

A: Never had a thought of it, I don’t look at life that way. Sometimes life isn’t fair, so I don’t take it the same way in football, you have to go out there and take what you’re given, and take the most advantage of what you’re given.

Q: Does this make it more fair?
A: I think it’s another great opportunity. I think any chance, especially this offseason, any chance I’ve had an opportunity to go out and show what I can do, whether it’s the one’s, two’s, three’s, it doesn’t matter. It’s always been judged, so I just want to put my best foot forward and have a good time.

QB Tyrod Taylor
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q: All three of you now will have a chance to start a preseason game how fair has the competition been?

A: It’s been fair. That’s all I can ask for is opportunity, and I have been given that. Obviously taking it one rep at a time.

Q: They are going to get all three guys in there with first team reps on Saturday what pressure does that put on you to perform?

A: Not anymore pressure then I am going to put on myself. Like I said I am very critical of myself and how I play. I expect to go out there and do certain things. Just going out there execution is the main thing.

Q: Do you get any sense in your mind of where you are in the quarterback competition?

A: It is out of my control. All I can do is control my performance as far as losing the lead I don’t really focus on that. I focus on my daily performance.

Q: We will all say that three different starters in three different games leaves it open. do you see it the same way?

A: No, we are all getting equal chances to go out there play with the ones. That is how I see it.

Q: After the Cleveland game you picked up some nicknames like “T-Mobile” what do you think of the attention you are getting?

A: That is actually an old name. I used to get that when I was with Virginia Tech. It has all been good fun. My main focus is go out there and play well. Get the team rolling on offense that is my focus. I don’t really focus (on anything else).

S Aaron Williams
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q: What are you looking to accomplish with this third preseason game?
A: Go out there and get a W. I mean that’s why we play the game, that’s why the clock is on there, that’s why the scoreboard is on there. We go out there to win and get better, and see where we’re at as far as being in week three before we get to the regular season.

Q: Where do you think you’re at on the defensive side of things?
A: I think we’re right on pace to be a complete team. Still got to make a few adjustments here and there, still got to get some things corrected on the defensive side of the ball and offensive side of the ball, and then put special teams together. Have all those three phases complete and we’ll be a dominate team.

Q: Is it better trying to fix things against a more proven offense than what you saw last week?
A: Every NFL team has a good offense. I don’t think in this league, there’s not going to be an offense that’s not explosive, I should put it.

DT Kyle Williams
Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q: How do you evaluate going against Pittsburgh this weekend?
A: Their offensive line does a good job, you know big physical team. They have a great running back in (Le’Veon) Bell. Very patient runner, can make all the cuts, can jump two or three gaps on what he sees, so it’s big test for us. Then obviously you have Antonio (Brown), and Heath Miller, and the usual suspects with Ben (Roethlisberger) out there, so they can do some things over the top. So it’s gonna be a good test for us and it’s something that we’re going to have a fun time to go out and prepare and get ready to play.

Q: Is it nice goes against a more proven offense?
A: It’s always a fun test. Obviously you’re not sitting there, you’re not throwing a whole game plan together, you’re not spending a ton of time on getting prepared for them. But at the same time you’re gonna have an opportunity to play some base defenses against a really talented football team and see if you can match up in situations like that.

Q: Do you look at this as the last chance to test yourself?
A: Yeah it’s more of a dress rehearsal. You might put in a couple of different things, but you’re not doing a full-on game plan. But your also gonna see your most extensive action in the preseason and next week you may see a few snaps, you may see none, you never know. So it is kinda the dress rehearsal and the last one so I’m gonna get ready for the regular season. We’re excited about it and we’re ready to go.

WR Robert Woods

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q: You have been kind of sidelined here a little bit but how are you feeling?

A: You know trying to get ready to go. Mindset is get ready for the game that we have coming up which is against Pittsburgh. Just trying to prep and get ready for it, like I am going to play.

Q: Do you put much stock into who starts for a third preseason game?

A: Not at all. You know its coach’s decision, we just got to get out there play and win the game.

Q: What do you think EJ has to do to keep himself in the running?

A: I think continue what he has been doing. This past game had a great job out there, a great ending series to come back and win the game. He does a lot for himself when you make plays like that.

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