While some of the Buffalo media and fans are screaming about the play of EJ Manuel against the Jets I am more concerned about several other things. Number one the injuries are crippling this defense and allowing for big plays that are like daggers to the heart. Not having the secondary that the Bills went to camp with is a serious problem and it is not about to get fixed soon.

If Jarius Byrd truly cannot play because of plantar fasciitis then perhaps he should be placed on IR. My gut tells me Byrd is stalling awaiting a trade to another team because he is unhappy about being signed under the Franchise tag, Certainly it is almost everyone’s sense outside of the team that Byrd is not really unable to play, yet Doug Marrone has treated the situation publicaly as a legitimate injury.

Another area that has me concerned is the run defense. The Bills will stuff the run two out of three plays and then give up a long one. Time after time Bills defenders are not in the right gaps in key situations. Powell of the Jets ran for 149 yards and he is not considered a top NFL back.

Offensively the Bills receivers failed to get separation against the Jets. Facing tight man coverage most of the day the Bills wide outs had problems getting off the line of scrimmage which forced EJ Manuel to hold on to the ball. If you listened to any of the Postame Show on WGR you may have heard them screaming about EJ Manuel throwing the ball out of bounds. My take on that was that Manuel was throwing the ball away because too often the receiver was covered.

I don’t feel that Manuel had a good day by any means, but I think after further review there was more to it than being off target. When Manuel went long the Jets defenders were there, when Geno Smith went long the Bills defenders were not.

While some Bills fans have broken their ankles Monday morning jumping off the Bills band wagon, I have not. True, the Jets kept Buffalo in the game with their huge total of penalties, but the Bills rallied for the third straight week and again were in a position to win. I’m still thinking the cup is half full.

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