EJ Manuel was the special guest on WBBZ-TV‘s “Fred Jackson Show” Monday night and boy was he special. Over 250 fans and guests waited up to fifty minutes for autographs after the live broadcast ended and EJ Manuel was apparently worth the wait.

This is the second year for the “Fred Jackson Show” and Jackson has always been a popular Bills player and has had good crowds. However, the timing of having Manuel as the guest the day after the last second victory over Carolina made it must see TV.

“EJ could run for office today in Buffalo and win!” said Jackson on the program. “He’s such a great young player and he never seems to get flustered,” added Jackson.

The standing room only audience inside the WBBZ-TV studio couldn’t get enough of Manuel. Lancaster and Maryvale were the two high school football teams in attendance along with their cheerleaders and about twenty five Bills fans who made reservations.

After the show was over one smitten cheerleader got down on one knee and asked EJ if he would go to her senior prom with her. Manuel laughed and very politely told the young lady that he had was already spoken for. She answered that should he change his mind she could call at anytime.

EJ said that the win was great, especially considering his Dad was on hand celebrating his birthday. “I don’t usually show emotion on the outside, but I was so happy my Dad could be there for my first win in the NFL,” said Manual.

EJ’s Dad is best friends with former Buffalo Bills great Bruce Smith, who was not on hand for the game, despite being a Wall of Fame member. Smith did text EJ after the game to congratulate him on his performance.

Fred Jackson gave EJ some advice and told him to savor the victory because he earned it. Jackson also reminded EJ that fans can be fickle so enjoy the limelight while it’s there. If EJ Manuel continues to show the type of promise he has after two weeks they should be many more weeks like this one.

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