DON’T GET ME STARTED doesn’t seem too surprised about the Bills sending a 6th round draft choice to Tampa for Western New Yorker Mike Williams.

After all, Williams has a connection with Marrone.  He left Syracuse as Marrone came in and was drafted in the 4th round by Tampa.

Naturally much has been said and written about Williams and his off-the-field problems.  Marv Levy must be shocked that the Bills are stocking the team with problem makers.  There was that time when drafting a player with some baggage was a no-no.  Not anymore.

What really gnaws at me is the continued association between the Bills head coach and his Syracuse co-horts.  I’ve written before that the Bills should change the colors of their uniforms to Orange.

Now what really belts me between the chops is – now that Williams has been signed, the probability of drafting a really gifted receiver such as Watkins of Clemson or Mike Evans goes out the window.  Looking at the stats of the latter two, I would have taken them.  And they are bigger than Williams, though he stands over 6’1”.

They, likely, are now off the Bills board.  That means that the Bills will probably draft Mathews, the offensive tackle as their first pick (9th pick of the draft.)  That isn’t a problem- they need one.  But if they’re going to put their eggs in the EJ Manuel basket, getting big receivers is important.

I’m sorry but I’m getting pretty sick of seeing one Syracuse connection after another coming to Buffalo, whether it’s a former SU player or coach on Don’t Get Me Started.

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