The Buffalo Bills putrid performance against the Tampa Bay Bucs has exposed the fact that some members of the Bills have not invested themselves 100% into winning. Doug Marrone held a closed door meeting immediately after the loss with Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley present and players this week have hinted that some teammates are not “all-in”.

There are reports that some players never made it back Sunday night after the Atlanta game in Toronto and were late coming in to the Stadium Monday morning. On that theme there was another key veteran who was late to meetings during the week. This was the tone prior to the trip to Tampa and it carried over on to the field.

Doug Marrone changed the culture at Syracuse by cutting players who were not buying in to his philosophy. In the NFL it’s not that easy and salaries come into play. Still, Marrone can weed out the bad apples at the end of the season and I doubt Doug Whaley or Russ Brandon would stand in his way.

I have written in the past that losing breeds losing and players can justify giving less than 100% if the results remain the same. Young players take their lead from the guys who have been on the roster for several years and they copy winning habits and do the same with with the losing ones.

On the last Fred Jackson Show I asked Fred about what was said in the closed door meeting, but he would not get into specifics. Jackson did hint however that certain players had not bothered to study game tapes enough and were at times unprepared for what the Bucs threw at them. I can guess that Jackson as a Captain addressed that this week at One Bills Drive.

With three games to go it will be interesting to see if Marrone can re-focus the veterans. If not I would expect some of them to be playing for another team in 2014.


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