DON’T GET ME STARTED joins all Bills fans in being a little dejected that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine is now the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

He was one of the better defensive minds on the roster.  Why do I remember Walt Corey who also headed the Bills defense in the glory years of the early 90s.  It’s been reported that Pettine would want to sway linebacker coach O’Neil as defensive coordinator for the mistake on the lake.

Marrone should beat him to the punch and make O’Neil the defensive coordinator of the Bills.  He knows the system; he knows the players; and certainly would work hard to make the “D” much better.

Yes Pettine will be missed.  I liked him.  I truly believe he would have gone next year if the Browns didn’t give him a 5 year deal now.

OK, Pettine is gone.  So now the work begins on getting the Bills poised to make a run for the playoffs in 2014.  Marrone probably saw what I saw in offensive coordinator, Nate Hackett.  He left a little to be desired as far as grooming the quarterback to elite status.  Now, the talk is of hiring a quarterbacks coach.  The name of Van Pelt surfaced, but I wouldn’t go that route.  Not since Jim Kelly has anyone developed at the most important position on the team.

One thing, Marrone.  Let’s not go the college route as you did with Hackett.  Get an experienced signal caller.  Imagine how great it would have been if Marrone would have romanced Frank Reich before Hackett.  That would have been a great move.  As it is, Reich is now an offensive coordinator with another team.  Congrats Frank.

Getting the DC and QB coach needs to be addressed on the creativity they have in their noggins.  Let’s remember that on WBBZ-TV recently, I said that Bill Belichick Is finished – done.  He has an aging quarterback who faltered down the stretch.  If not for the running game, the Pats might have been outside looking in.  So the division is becoming ripe for the taking.

The off season is almost upon us but the Bills fans will be watching to see how Marrone builds the team on Don’t Get Me Started.

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