DON’T GET ME STARTED had me appearing on the Bob Koshinski All Sports WNY program and he asked me about the Buffalo Bills.

Doug Marrone

Art Wander

My first words were, “Doug Marrone must go.” It’s as simple as that. It’s not that I’m not the only one calling for Terry Pegula (or Kim) to make that move. I feel that if the Bills retain this coaching staff for 2015, it will signal a 16th year without making the playoffs. Many are calling for Marrone, Hackett, and/or other coaches to be gone.

Of course, whoever takes over would bring in his own people, hence the first order of business would be to replace Marrone as head coach.

Why should he be replaced? Well, it’s about decisions he’s made in the past, miserable, no offense season. Why did he ignore using Mike Williams in the red zone – or even playing him after Doug Whaley gave up a 6th round pick for him.

Why, despite some very poor play by quarterback Kyle Orton did Marrone continue to use that tired phrase, “He gives us the best chance to win.” Hey, the offense performed terribly. In 12 of the 15 games the Bills have played – the offense registered only 16 touchdowns.

Then after the horrible loss to Oakland in game 15, Marrone announced that he would start Orton in the finale at New England because (here it comes again) “He give us the best chance to win.” Here’s my opinion for that move to start Orton.

If he started E.J. Manuel Sunday against the Pats and Manuel did an outstanding job leading the team to several touchdowns and even (perhaps) won the game, that would reflect very badly on Marrone’s decisions to keep him on the bench. Hence, if he plays Orton and the Bills (as expected) lose the game, the finger might not be pointed at him.

Yo. My finger has been pointed at this coaching staff for far too long.

Decisions, decisions. You make one mistake and you might be sent to the sidelines, except in Orton’s case. Jeff Tuel (#3 QB) made one mistake in 2013 and you haven’t seen him under center though he has a strong arm, moves around well in the pocket but Marrone never gave him a chance.

The answers to why the Bills have 15 straight seasons out of the playoffs are attributed to the failure of the coaching staff to fully develop the young players and the decisions – from week to week – to fix things. All you heard was, “We’ve got to get better” but they not only didn’t get better, they went south to negative #15.

Add to the fact that it’s been widely reported that there has been a rift between the coach and General Manager Doug Whaley. Maybe it’s time for President Russ Brandon to flex his control muscles and make some changes on Don’t Get Me Started.

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