Head Coach Doug Marrone
Monday, September 8, 2014

Q: Injuries?
A: Scott Berchtold: Yesterday, we had Keith Rivers out with a groin, Aaron Williams went out with concussion-like symptoms and we’re just following the return to play protocol on that. [Stephon] Gilmore is day-by-day with a groin, Lee Smith with the toe and [Jonathan] Meeks with the neck. All of those guys are day-by-day. It’s Monday so we’ll just have to see how everything progresses during the week.

Q: Do you feel like yesterday was a blueprint for how this team can succeed offensively?
A: I think we’ll take it week-by-week on what we need to do.

Q: Does that mean the game plan will change based on the opponent?
A: Yes, absolutely. I think you’ve got to be able to change. You can’t keep doing the same thing week-to-week. People catch up to it and plus, the defenses change week-to-week to what you have to attack. Each week it’s going to be different.

Q: You’re going to want to establish the run regardless of opponent, right?
A: Yeah, I would think pretty much. I can’t speak for everyone else, but everywhere I’ve coached you want to get that established to keep the chains moving and to keep yourself on schedule. When you have the ability to call a run and know you’re going to get four yards, it’s a very comforting feeling as a play caller and as an offense. We left some yards out there. Obviously, the production in total was good. There are some good things in the run game, but we just got through watching the film and there are things that we understand that need to work on.

Q: What are your thoughts on the resiliency this team showed?
A: I was proud of the team and the way they handled it. I think, in order to win game consistently, you always have to overcome that. What I addressed the team about today was, ‘Here we go. We’re ready to go.’ Before the game everyone’s pretty amped up and we go three-and-out on offense. They get the ball, go right down the field and score and no one even blinked an eye and we came back and answered. I think somebody asked me that postgame, but I think that was an important part of what happened.

Q: What did you think of the offensive line’s performance?
A: Even after the game, I think that they have a chance to be good. I said that all along. They’re going to have to work week-to-week. I said it before, I wish that these five guys were together earlier, but it’s a work in progress. As long as they continue to put in the work, we’ll continue to get better.

Q: Was it fitting that Fred Jackson capped that win with his run?
A: I don’t know if I would put it in those terms, but since I’ve been here that’s the type of runner Fred’s been. Very physical. Always going forward, always moving the chains. He’s a heck of a runner, so I’m not surprised by that. He’s made plays before for us in the past. We got plays during that game from a lot of different people at a lot of different times, which is helpful when game planning moving forward.

Q: Some people say he’s getting old.
A: I think they’ll be saying that about Fred Jackson for a long time.

Q: He doesn’t look it.
A: Absolutely not.

Q: What stood out while watching film today about EJ’s performance?
A: I saw a lot of things that I liked, but I don’t think anything stood out differently today that didn’t stand out the other day. I thought he got off to a good start. I think we all know that he made the one poor decision on the interception. I sure he wishes he could have that back. There’s things that he needs to work on to do a better job of, like we all do.

Q: What happened on that play?
A: I think he’s late. He’s going there late. You don’t want to go late. The guy [Chris Conte] undercut Marquise Goodwin. We fell down on a guy coming across. Obviously, we’re in a scramble mode and went late to Marquise and the guy undercut it.

Q: How much does winning the first game do for confidence?
A: You only have 16, with eight on the road. It’s very difficult to win on the road. It’s always good. As far as the confidence and everything, that’s probably more of a question for the team on how they feel.

Q: Did you like what you got from Jordan Gay as a kickoff specialist?
A: Five out of six. The hang time is excellent. When they did have to bring it out, I think they were minus seven out of 4.9. We have basically almost all of our players cross the 20 when he brought it out and we wound up keeping him in there for 13 yards. Our specialists, both young guys, we’re outstanding. Even Colton [Schmidt] for the first punt, Marcus Easley made a play on it, but after that he had four out of five going inside the 20. That’s pretty improved for a guy that’s a rookie.

Q: Is Fred Jackson done fielding punts?
A: No. You go through all training camp and we had Fred back there and felt that if we need the catch, we’ll put Fred back there. That one I have not seen. I haven’t seen that out of him all camp.

Q: How much do you put on Nigel Bradham this week?
A: I’m excited, especially with Keith {Rivers] day-to-day now and you get Nigel back. With the way he was playing, I’m excited about him being back. I really am. I think he was playing extremely well before and we’re looking forward to him being consistent and playing well when we start playing again.

Q: With Bradham back, are you going to be making a roster move soon?
A: Doug [Whaley] and I had a conversation this morning. We talked about it. We’re still going to wait. We’re checking on some things and just doing a through job before we make a move, but we’ll have to make a move, obviously.

Q: What are your thoughts on the NFL’s punishment of Ray Rice today?
A: Am I happy that the NFL has taken a harder stance? Yes, I am. I think of anyone that knows of me publicly and what I’ve said before, I’m a big supporter of the Vera House when I was at Syracuse. I still stand by the talks that I’ve given and everything. There’s no excuse for abuse. I really believe that.

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