Every football fan who watched the Buffalo Bills game on Monday between the Bills and Seattle Seahawks have to be baffled why the NFL continues on a path that definitely is going to see NFL games no longer are a must watch event.


Art Wander

The officials in that Monday night game must be embarrassed beyond explanation.  But the NFL displays an attitude that doesn’t sit well with long time fans.  The NFL fined defensive back Sherman of the ‘Hawks $9,000 for the illegal hit on kicker Carpenter of the Bills.  And how did they punish the brutal officials???  Zippo, nothing was published.  I imagine their punishment will be to sit out the playoffs and Super Bowl.  That’s the way the NFL works.

Want to see more television sets tuned to other than the NFL game on Thursday Nov. 10?   Scheduled for the game are the Cleveland Browns against the Baltimore Ravens.  Boy, that’s a thriller of a game by teams going absolutely nowhere.

A couple of columns ago, I covered the loss of viewers because of NFL over-exposure.  But to schedule these 2 teams on national television is – as Trump would say – is a disaster.

I’ve covered my suggestion how to correct the officiating.  That is to hire full time officials.   Period – case closed.

The way the NFL is going, I might not be surprised that one (or more) games might be played in Tokyo; Shanghai; Barcelona; Mexico until the NFL finally wakes up and renames the game INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.”


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