Kyle Orton is receiving the lion share of blame for the loss to Denver, but that’s because many fans thought he was the answer to the Bills’ quarterback question and again I’ll tell you he’s not. Kyle Orton has had opportunities to start in Chicago, Denver and Kansas City. In each case he was replaced and in Denver he was the one dumped for Tim Tebow who is not even in the league anymore.

Kyle Orton, in my opinion, is a very suitable back-up NFL quarterback. Orton can come into a game and manage a few quarters or even start one or two in a pinch. However, Orton doesn’t have the arm nor the mobility to consistently beat NFL defenses over the long haul.

Since Orton has gotten the starting nod he has had strong quarters, even a half, but other than the Monday night game against the hapless Jets has yet to play a strong game from start to finish. Sunday in Denver Orton was timid in the pocket and reluctant to go down field. It was explained that the Broncos defense is strong against down-field passes so the Bills looked to the sidelines and flats. That worked between the twenties, but not when the Bills needed to cash in points and Orton was picked off when forced to go down-field.

The crisis facing the Bills moving forward is who is the starting quarterback next season? EJ Manuel played poorly enough that Doug Marrone replaced him with Orton who didn’t have a training camp under his belt. So it would seem Manuel is not the future for Buffalo. That is unless Marrone goes into the 2015 Training Camp and tells Manuel he’s competing for a starting job again with Kyle Orton, which I doubt he will.

Is there a free agent quarterback available who is better than Orton or Manuel? Is there a QB coming out in the NFL Draft who is the future signal caller for Buffalo? If there is how do the Bills acquire a number one pick to draft that high? Plenty more questions than answers and the Bills need to find the answers while they still have a playoff caliber defense on the field.

Buffalo’s defense played well enough to win against Peyton Manning in Denver. True, they didn’t have a sack but Manning was uncomfortable enough in the pocket to throw two picks and no touchdown passes which is highly unusual at home.

So while the cries for benching Orton may become loud Sunday against the Packers, I can’t help but feel it’s not his fault. Kyle Orton is exactly the guy he was before the Bills signed him in August.

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