DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders whether the NHL really wants to stop the fighting in the wake of Sunday’s Toronto fiasco?  There is a solution.

Hockey for many, many decades has had fighting in the league.  Somebody would have to convince me that fans don’t want to end the fighting as evidenced by their enthusiasm when two guys square off against each other.

On Sunday it wasn’t two guys squaring off.  It was practically both teams including opposing goalies who – laughingly – performed a dance rather than really getting into it.

The NHL has been voicing its concern over the fighting in the NHL.  But that’s all they’ve been doing…..voicing a concern.  Yes there have been some penalties doled out, including suspensions but the “enforcers” continue to be sent on the ice to get revenge for whatever reason.

The fans respond to fights.  Buffalo was the scene of a couple of doozies.  Jim Schoenfeld duking it out in the Zamboni entrance.  But the one that really stands out came a couple of decades ago.  On a road trip to Calgary, Patty LaFontaine had his jaw broken by Jamie Maoun of the Flames.  Patty had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days…..jaw wired shut.

Later in the season, the Flames came to play the Sabres at the Aud.  It didn’t take long for the Sabres to seek revenge.  The puck barely dropped for the opening faceoff when all the players on the ice went at it.  Others jumped over the boards to go at it and all hell was breaking loose.  One of the Calgary players suffered a broken leg.  Buffalo’s defenseman Grant Ledyard was pulled into the Calgary bench as the pummeling continued.

Naturally, the fans loved it and got into it vocally.

Through those years, the NHL has been speaking out to curb the violence, lest someone really gets hurt for the rest of his life.  I made the suggestion that if there is a fight both players get 5 minute majors……with the teams playing 4 on 4 for the 5 minutes.  You want another way to end it.  The first player to drop his gloves gets 5 minutes and if a fight ensues, one player gets 10 minutes, the other 5.  For the first 5 minutes teams will play 4 on 3 and then 5 on 4 for the next 5 minutes.

You can bet your bottom dollar that coaches will instruct their players never to get into a fight because it could cost them goals and games.  Adopt this and it will be a win-win situation.  Fans can still look forward to fighting while the league would see a diminished display of the rowdiness that occurred in Toronto.  Coaches would warn their players to avoid being the instigator in a fight and to probably avoid fighting on Don’t Get Me Started.

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