DON’T GET ME STARTED notices that Yankee great Derek Jeter leads the voting to start in the upcoming major league All Star game.

The one thing that Jeter displayed in his glorious career is how classy a guy he has been. That class can be exaggerated if Jeter would decline being a starter in the All-Star game despite the fan voting. As everyone knows, big markets can determine a player’s eligibility with vote after vote after vote. That should be changed.

The reason Jeter should decline is that there are much better shortstops with much better numbers that deserve to be there. Here are the stats of the leading American League shortstops. Note that Derek Jeter is 5th. This is as of 6/20/14.

Alex Ramirez  .309
Eric Aybar       .292
Al. Escobar     .292
J.J. Hardy      .289
Derek Jeter    .276

One noticeable stat that leaps out is the extra base hits. In doubles, the top 10 have double digits in 2 base hits with Escobar leading with 20. Jeter has only 8. Jeter also leads the top 10 shortstops in strikeouts. He has fanned 66 times. The next closest is 41.

I’m not trying to take away from Jeter’s career greatness. I’m just stating that when it comes to fielding an All Star team – the best should be represented. Many Yankee fans try to ignore that Jeter is not having a great year. Watching many games, Jeter has left many runners stranded

Should he be on the All Star team? Only for symbolism. Let him get the applause he deserves; throw out the first ball. Maybe pinch hit in the 9th inning with the game no longer on the line to get his praise from the fans.

But despite the voting that puts him on top, his numbers this season don’t merit being named the starting shortstop and, in fact, be the 2nd, or 3rd runner-up. Of course, if he goes on a big tear in the remaining games before the All Star game, all bets might be off. But Jeter hasn’t shown that much consistency this season on Don’t Get Me Started.

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