DON’T GET ME STARTED thought we had seen the last of Darcy Regier, the creator of the current woes of the Buffalo Sabres. When Terry Pegula finally listened to the fans, he made the move – Darcy was gone.


Art Wander

But wait! Hold on! Back up! If you think that you have heard the last of his name, look out in the next 20 games that will be played by Arizona, Edmonton and Buffalo. At stake are two outstanding prospects waiting for a team to pick ‘em. McDavid and Eichel will be watching in the next 5 weeks for possible teams they will play for.

Also watching will be Buffalo and Edmonton……AND….THE ARIZONA COYOTES. Here’s the skinny on the drama unfolding as we speak.

The current senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager of Arizona is DARCY REGIER. The team is currently on a 7 game losing streak heading into Thursday’s game against the Rangers (likely the 8th straight loss.) They have also lost 9 out of the last 10 games.

What’s more, while “tanking” fans are looking at Edmonton and Buffalo – better watch out for Arizona. Right now, the Coyotes are only 6 points in front of Buffalo and 1 point ahead of 2nd place (in the race for worst in the NHL) Edmonton.

It’s expected that Arizona will get a decent % chance in the lottery system imposed by Bettman. While Buffalo has been garnering some points, Arizona is putting “L’s” on the record, hoping to become the worst team in the NHL and getting 20% chance of McDavid or Eichel. Finishing 2nd worst doesn’t insure getting either of the prospects since the lottery can find another team, outside the 2 worst, getting the first pick in the draft while the one finishing last in the league gets the second pick.

Wouldn’t that be something if Arizona’s continued losing (with Darcy Regier involved in the draft) winding up with one of the prospects?

Worse yet – what if Edmonton finished as the worst NHL team but Arizona edged out Buffalo as the 2nd worst team. The only way the Sabres could get McDavid or Eichel would be to win the lottery for the #1 pick. Finishing last the year before didn’t help Buffalo get #1, thought by finishing last in 2013-2014 got them the 2nd pick – Reinhart.

So after a year without nearly a mention of Darcy Regier, his name (and his Arizona team) is inching up against Buffalo and Edmonton by continuing to lose. I wonder if Tim Murray and the Oilers are taking note? I wonder if Bettman is taking “tanking” notes on Don’t Get Me Started.

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