DON’T GET ME STARTED has Jack Eichel becoming a Buffalo Sabre. Of course, that decision hasn’t been reached by the gifted player from Boston U. Everything points to him becoming a Sabre. Money? No problem. Proximity to family? No problem. A head coach? No problem. A young team? No problem.

Jack Eichel

Art Wander

In fact there is no problem of the Sabres drafting Jack Eichel with the #2 pick – behind #1 Connor McDavid. But wait! Hold on! Is there something that could happen to make Eichel forgo the draft and return to college for his sophomore year? Here’s how that could play out. I’m not saying this will happen but certainly it could cross the mind of Eichel if the following scenario takes place at the draft.

First, everyone attending the NHL Combine in Buffalo a week ago marveled at the skills of the gifted Eichel. Everyone was giving praise to th4e kid. In fact, many felt that Eichel out-performed Connor McDavid in many of the categori3s designed to show scouts and NHL people how these two performed.

So here goes The NHL draft takes place. Edmonton goes prancing up the aisle, leaps up the steps to the stage, gives Gary Bettman the slip of paper and the Commissioner blurts out, “With the first pick in the 2015 NHL draft, the Edmonton Oilers select from Boston University Jack Eichel.”

The buzz bounces off the walls. Gasps are heard. The word “Wow” is echoed throughout the hall. At the Buffalo Sabres table, Tim Murray finally manages a smile that’s been missing since he lost the lottery pick to Edmonton. Murray will finally get the guy he scouted, raved about and truly wanted. Now he will get it – Connor McDavid becomes a Buffalo Sabre with the #2 pick.

Jack Eichel’s parents, friends, family and everyone else is shocked. Edmonton is a long way from Boston and Massachusetts. Once Edmonton picks him, Eichel huddles with the family and announces he will be going back to college – maybe even for the n4ext 3 years and the Oilers are left holding the bag.

No, I don’t think this will happen. But it could and bears a lot of thought by Edmonton and Eichel. Oh well, this was a nice little exercise of trying to look into the future – one that will still have the Oilers taking McDavid. After all – he will be revered throughout Canada as the Favorite Son on Don’t Get Me Started.

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