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DON’T GET ME STARTED knows that throughout the sports world, especially the NBA, a strange relationship existed between fans and Lebron James. Forget his great talent. When he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the fans adored the Akron, Ohio native.

Then that adoration – that love – turned to hate. James bolted from Cleveland to Miami. The Cuyahoga River almost overflowed when the news hit the headlines, “Lebron James signs with Miami’s Heat.” The heat in Ohio was hotter than the James drives to the baskets.

Make no mistake about it. You either loved James; or you disliked him immensely. The city of Cleveland was robbed of a superstar; a guy that put Cleveland sports on a worldwide map. He was gone. His jerseys were burned, trampled.

Then in 2014 James became a free agent. He did a tour; conducted interviews with GMs. and owners and lo and behold, Lebron James decided to take his talents to Cleveland in the hopes that he could bring that cup to a deserving city.

All of a sudden, love is attached to the name of Lebron James everywhere – except perhaps in Miami. All of a sudden, he’s receiving praise for his move; he is given credit now for having a maturity about him following that decision.

And what was almost distinctly missing from his resume 4 years ago when he left Cleveland, surfaced. That is the one attachment to a name and be praised for his commitment to Cleveland. Cleveland fans are probably lining up their kids and telling them about the city’s new…..role model.

From a legacy that probably would have been fractured with disdain, now becomes one where he can be looked at as a positive force in sports… example that should be followed by all superstars on Don’t Get Me Started.

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