Time to catch up this week with Koshinski’s Korner, tough working for a living. As you may have read, WBBZ-TV is back in the Buffalo Bills business winning the bid for the October 3rd Bills/Browns game. That means you can watch the match-up on WBBZ-TV, complete with a two-hour pregame and postgame show, on ch 5 & 710 on Time Warner Cable, Fios and Dish, Ch 67 on Direct TV and broadcast. Look for more Buffalo Bills programming announcements coming to WBBZ-TV soon.

All official (and unofficial) reports are that Jim Kelly is recovering as well as can be expected from his cancer surgery performed June 7th. Jim has a strong support system in his wife Jill and daughters and of course his large family of brothers and Dad. This will be a real test for Jim going forward, dealing with the jaw reconstruction and prosthetic device, but as Bill Polian recently said “Jim hasn’t been called the toughest quarterback to play the game for nothing.”

I have to admit I was recently reminded of how self-centered Bruce Smith can be when he appeared on a national program discussing the passing of Deacon Jones. When asked about Jones Bruce was very complimentary, but he turned it into a chance to remind viewers just how good he was. Smith said you could put Reggie White, Deacon Jones and he in a hat and pick any of the three as the best defensive end ever to play the game. Then Smith said the discussion should become who played with the better supporting staff and who was double-teamed more often, insinuating that those were the obstacles he had to overcome more than the other two. 

Bruce Smith played with guys like Fred Smerlas, Art Still, Bryce Paup, Phil Hansen and oh yea, Cornelius Bennett and Daryl Talley. So Smith’s support group was hardly the sisters of the poor. Bruce just can’t say something nice about someone else without reminding everyone just how good he thought he was. He should have listened to his former Coach Marv Levy more who used to say “let your action speak so loud no one can hear what you’re saying.”

The Bills release of Tarvaris Jackson was a surprise to many, including several employees of the team. I was with some of them on Monday at the Dipaolo golf tourney and when the news came oyt that Jackson was gone there was genuine shock on their faces. Jackson was well thought of in the locker room despite the fact he never played one game for the Bills.

Finally, don’t be surprised if you read about former UB basketball coach Reggie Witherspoon going returning to ECC. Could even be in athletics, stay tuned.


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