I have to admit I wasn’t able to watch the Bills/Panthers game in real time. I was at a function out of town with my family and we could only get updates on our phones. So, when I started reading all of the tweets and conflicting online reports about the pass that went off the hands of Zay Jones I knew I wanted to see just that play.

So upon further review and having watched the play over a dozen times on my DVR There’s no way I can blame Jones for the drop.

Since the end of the game some in the Buffalo media have made a point of blaming Jones and not Tyrod Taylor for the in-completion. I sense that may be a backlash against the constant talk radio jabber about replacing Tyrod Taylor. I’m reading and hearing the old “if you touch it you should catch it”. Baloney!

Zay Jones makes a great move and is wide open at the end of his route which takes him near the sidelines. If Taylor throws the ball where it should have been intended, since I assume it was a set route and not something Zay Jones drew in the turf during the timeout, Jones makes a catch and either goes out of bounds at the three or scores a winning TD. Instead Taylor throws late and behind Jones causing the rookie to twist his body opposite of his momentum and still somehow gets his hands on the ball. Only because of Jones’ athleticism was he even able to make it close, an act that has some casting blame on the young receiver.

If Jones makes that catch it’s a MIRACULOUS catch! If Taylor makes the intended throw it’s a good pass. Thus the difference? 

Tyrod Taylor is not, I repeat not the answer for the Bills at QB. It is too difficult for Taylor to throw in rhythm and to the spot. For this reason fans see hope in  Nathan Peterman because he gets rid of the ball quickly and anticipates receivers getting open. Yet, Peterman had average stats in the preseason and a starting NFL Defense that has game planned for his tendencies.

The Panthers, like the Jets filled the box against the Bills and LeSean McCoy challenging Taylor to beat them in the air. It didn’t happen last season and I’m betting it will not in 2017 as well.

Tyrod Taylor is a good team player, a hard worker and worthy of the benefit of the doubt at times. But, Tyrod Taylor cannot overcome his deficiencies as a NFL starting quarterback. That was demonstrated during the first 59 minutes and 53 seconds of the loss against the Panthers, including the final pass to Zay Jones as well. Nuff said!

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