Is Rex Ryan the right man to bring the Buffalo Bills back to the playoffs and beyond? I have been asked that question in one form or another over the past several weeks and my answer has simply been yes.

Rex Ryan has a mediocre record as a head coach in the NFL despite his easily recognizable name. Having coached in the “Big Apple” Ryan received more media coverage than most, despite the fact he had a dismal record the past two seasons. Of course Ryan’s bravado and quick wit made him very media friendly, but can he coach?

There are those in the NFL who believe Rex Ryan is a very good defensive coach, but does not have the organizational skills to be the top dog. That is all based on the quick demise of the Jets after back to back AFC Championship games.

Ryan blamed the Jets front office for the drop off in talent and claims he was set up to fail. He now has a chance to prove one last time that he is as good as he claims.

Bills fans have yearned for a tough talker for years. A coach who “tells it like it is” with a no nonsense approach to getting it done. Neither Doug Marrone or Chan Gailey scratched that itch, but Rex Ryan seems to be the man.

Ryan definitely has the defensive coaching chops, learning his trade first hand from his pop Buddy. Ryan believes in over-whelming his opponent across the ball and he certainly has the tools with this Bills defense.

Rex Ryan has wet the appetite of Bills fans claiming nothing less than a number one ranking will do for this defense under his tutelage.  Expect multiple sacks from pass rushers left unblocked due to camouflaged blitzes. Also expect the occasional big play for six against this defense because of that “go for broke” mentality.

Ryan’s team in New York struggled at the quarterback position for the most part and that could be the case again here in Buffalo with an inexperienced Tyrod Taylor under center. Ryan loves Taylor, but the inside skinny says that Matt Cassell had plenty of support to be the starter among the other coaches. Ryan’s gamble on Taylor will be something that can go along way in determining the team’s success or failures.

For me, I believe Rex Ryan is in the right place at the right time. Ryan inherits a powerful defense with plenty of speed and he has put together an offense with several big play components. Everything points to a successful season and a return to the playoffs.

It sez here that the Buffalo Bills will finish 11-5 and will be playing come January. Anything after that is the cherry on the sundae so pass the whipped cream.


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