DON’T GET ME STARTED received the news that basketball coach Sal Buscaglia will be inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame. A well-deserved honor for one of the best Women’s basketball coaches in Western New York memory at the University of Buffalo.


Art Wander

At the turn of the 90s decade, I managed to attend a UB Women’s game against Youngstown State. I was very impressed with what I saw. It was a well-coached UB basketball team led by Ann Gallagher and gritty team-mates. From that moment in the next 6 years, I attended most every game.

I could name so many great women players who performed for UB as Buscaglia led the charge to 20+ win seasons. I could go on and on naming many players who excelled, but suffice it to say they were something to see.

For whatever reason, the University of Buffalo decided to “go into a new direction” with the women’s basketball program despite the fine seasons they had under Buscaglia. He went to Manhattan and then for over the past decade coached at Robert Morris where he managed to coach them into the NCAA Tournament.

The UB Women basketball program has never been the same once Buscaglia left.

As I watched the UB Women play when Buscaglia was the coach, we became friends.  His son, Charlie now is the head- coach at Robert Morris. Might be a good idea for UB to look at Charlie if they have a need for the Buscaglia smarts.

In any event, from Hilbert to UB to Manhattan to Morris. Sal Buscaglia coached the teams to many wins – and recognition.  Naturally my congratulations go to Sal Buscaglia on his selection into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame on Don’t Get Me Started.

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