DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders what the owners of Buffalo’s major sports franchises are thinking of when they continue to stay with a pair of General Managers who have done little to provide enthusiasm to a fan base.

First the Sabres.  How in the world can Terry Pegula continue to cover the back of Darcy Regier.  Forget the fact that he gave the GM a contract extension.  Furious fans have voiced their displeasure by that move.  You heard it at the Saturday game against the NY Islanders.  Fans booed….and they voiced Regier’s name without affection and with a negative tone that would rival the one reserved for Gary Bettman.

Lindy Ruff is gone, victim of a GM’s poor trading record over the past dozen years.  Regier has let too many talented players go while picking up others who have done little to bring the house down.

Terry Pegula said he would listen to the fans…….let’s have him do it by exercising his right as an owner to bring in a new GM.  It’s been mentioned here try to lure Scotty Bowman’s son to become the GM or bring in Patty LaFontaine as GM of the club.  Certainly Patty would never do as poor a job at building a team as Regier, especially at trade time.  Patty knows the league; knows the players; but he also knows the game.  He’s also a very good businessman.

Regier made his usual “I’ll play it safe and protect myself by bringing in Ron Rolston from Rochester.”  You need a good fighter in that GM chair not a reactionary person.  If it really is an interim appointment – let the fans know that you are looking for a permanent coach.  I assume he’s hoping Rolston would do a decent job, just missing the playoffs and do away with the interim tag.

Owner Terry Pegula.  Make the fans happy – make the GM switch.

Now, the Buffalo Bills.  I was snickering to myself in the last couple of days by telling my buddies, “Imagine the Buffalo Bills being the only NFL team to start the season with only one wide receiver on the roster.”

That’s what it seems like after Buddy Nix said bye bye to David Nelson and Jones before him.  These two receivers had some good moments but Nix said no to giving them an offer – letting them become free agents.

This is the same GM who plucked Aaron Williams with a high draft choice, plus other moves at draft day that befuddled the fan base.  Nix could have had Wilson (the Seattle phenom QB.)  He could have had QB Colin Kaepernick who played in the Super Bowl.  He could have snared either of these since they were available when it came time for Buffalo to make a pick.

They also could have had Andy Dalton who was taken by Cincinnati.

There’s no use going through the roster and players to notice that somebody in that front office has to do a better job of getting some players destined for the pro bowl after big seasons and the Bills playing in the post-season.

So far, the Bills have C.J. Spiller.  How about that Anderson who was given a monstrous contract.  Naturally no one can compare, money wise, to Mario Williams for his 10 sack season. Of course, giving Fitzpatrick that humongous contract still rattles the building.  And all you hear from the GM is that he wants to sign a franchise quarterback.

The ownership says that the President of the Club has the job of making the call but it certainly seems obvious that a change at the GM chair is necessary and let the fans know who will be making the call in late April when the draft rolls around.  Let’s find out how that Asst. GM Doug Whaley can do if he’s put in charge.  After all, he’s been in that backup chair long enough.

But first…….the Sabres are playing… pardon me…..showing up for games so if Terry Pegula and Ted Black will be at the home games they can expect the “Let Darcy go chants continue” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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