April 1st, 2014

The “Buffalo Buzzo’s” are coming to Buffalo! The newest franchise in the “CEAH” (Can Eat And How) League has been awarded to Buffalo New York and will begin competition in the Fall of 2014. The team was purchased by renown restauranteur Lou Billittier Jr., owner of Chef’s Restaurant and will be coached by the “Wing King” Drew Cerza.

“It has always been my dream to own a professional sports team and the Buffalo Buzzo’s have made that dream come true,” said Billittier. “We are recruiting some of the finest eating talent in the northeast and hope to come out of the starting gate a winner,” added Lou.

Cerza“With my experience in organizing competitive chicken wing eating contests at my annual “Wing Fest” I feel I am the most qualified person to lead the “Buzzo’s”,” said newly appointed coach Drew Cerza. “Buffalo has a great tradition of good food and we have some of the finest home grown eating talent that will make us immediate winners.”

The Buffalo Buzzo’s will consist of a six person team, four starters and two substitutes and home contests will take place in the lobby of the Ellicott Square Building. “Carl Paladino has welcomed the Bozzo’s with open arms and is installing seating around the second floor mezzanine to accommodate the fans,” said Billittier.

The Buzzo’s will also hold a three week training camp. The first week of camp will be held at DiPaolo’s Restaurant in Blasdell where former professional wrestler Dick Beyer will assist in getting the Buzzo’s in shape with two-a-day workouts. Owners Dennis and Michael DiPaolo will serve the Buzzo team every dish available on their menu over a five day period.dipaolos

The second week of camp will then be held at the Mongolian Buffet so that the team can experience large quantities of exotic dishes. Drew Cerza has recruited former Sabre Rob Ray to help coordinate the buffet portion of the training. Ray will also supplement the Buzzo regiment with foot long hot dogs prepared at Rayzor’s Dawg House in Springville.

Finally, the Buzzo’s will wrap up their training at Coca Cola Field, home to the Bisons, where they will binge daily on huge portions of fried foods served to them on a stage in center field. “Finishing the last week at Coca Cola Field was my idea,” said Cerza. “I want the Buzzo’s to get the feel of eating on the big playing field and all that involves.”

Bryan and mickeyLou Billittier has also hired Bryan Wittman, Disney VP of Global Special Events, to organize a promotional campaign and mascot naming contest. “What an honor to be associated with the Buzzo’s,”said Wittman. “I hope to make the Buzzo mascot as famous as the mouse I work for.”

Broadcast rights for all “Buffalo Buzzo” home matches have been secured by WBBZ-TV. The broadcast team will consist of play-by-play by Bob Koshinski and Art Wander and John DiSciullo will handle live table side interviews.

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