The message that continues to ring loud and clear through the whole Buffalo Bills ownership journey is that they will remain in Buffalo. As I wrote last week, the Rogers family have lost their enthusiasm to bid on the team because of the insistence by the NFL that it stays in Buffalo and the deep pockets of local ownership candidates like the Pegula’s.

Today John Kryk of the Toronto Sun confirms that with his story that Edward Rogers III, head of the Rogers Communication empire, will not lead a group in attempting to buy the Bills if they must remain in Buffalo.

Lackawanna native Ron Jaworski is now out there trying to sooth the nerves of Bills fans by telling them his pal Jon Bon Jovi would not move the team as well. Jaworksi has partnered with Bon Jovi as co-owners of the AFL’s Philadelphia Soul and feels he has the inside scoop.

Again, all of this is just noise as the bidding process progresses and it makes for good copy. Anyone really paying attention from the beginning would understand that the NFL wants the Buffalo Bills to remain in Buffalo, period.

The interest of a Terry and Kim Pegula or Tom Golisano means the Bills would potentially have ownership with local ties and who would qualify as legitimate bidders under the NFL guidelines. A Donald Trump bid would not carry the weight of say a Terry Pegula bid because Trump and his interests are not based in Western New York.

With the Jacobs’ family pulling from the race I would consider a bid by the Pegula’s to carry the most weight at this stage of the game. Or a combined bid by some of the names mentioned above could still work and possibly satisfy the egos of stars like Bon Jovi.

Either way it’s good to see that as the picture becomes more and more clear, the Bills will remain the Buffalo Bills for years to come.



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